5 Backyard Landscaping Tricks to Save Time and Money

Posted March 2, 2014 in Blog, Landscape Design, Plant and Tree

If you’re a big fan of spending more time and money than you have to, stop reading now. Otherwise, read on to find some great landscaping ideas that will help your backyard look beautiful while giving you more time and money for other pursuits!

The Groundlings

DSCN5595In Shakespeare’s time, the cheapest seats weren’t seats at all, but just a place to stand in front of the stage. The “groundlings” didn’t mind: they were closer to the stage than those hoity-toity rich guys on the fancy benches, and didn’t have to spend nearly as much cabbage. Take a lesson from the groundlings, and plant low maintenance ground covers in beds. The plants grow close to the ground, filling up the beds, making it unnecessary to do annual mulching. Groundcover is especially great to use on steep slopes, which can be tricky to maintain.

Get Stoned

IMG_9345Another way to escape annual mulching: use small decorative stones to cover beds. Rocks can bring texture and color to your garden, and maybe even a moment of Zen. They can last for years and save you the hassle of buying and spreading fresh mulch every spring.

Bring Me the Shrubbery!

DSCN6375Plant low maintenance bushes that stay compact, and you’ll save time by not have to prune them. Talk to your friendly landscape designer about what plants would work well in your environment. Some may prefer the sun or the shade.

Tree Me

DSCN5602Think landscaping can’t save your electricity bill? Think again! Plant a larger tree on the South or West side of your house to block the sun in the summer, which will lower your cooling bills. It will also give you the perfect place to sit in the shade and drink lemonade.

Border Patrol

DSCN6325Instead of building a fence, consider planting tall, compact plantings closer to your patio or deck to provide some privacy. Non invasive Bamboo can be a great plant for this, providing a green wall between you and your neighbors. After all, good fences make for good neighbors!
Do you want more great landscaping ideas that add beauty to your backyard without breaking the wallet? Call MasterPlan Landscape Design & Installation today, our greatest joy is keeping our customers green.


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