5 Reasons Your New Patio or Porch Needs a Roof

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A new patio can sound like a great investment, but only if you can use it at your convenience.  Too much sun on your new patio could leave you too hot to spend time outdoors, and rain or snow will ruin any outdoor dinner party. Whether you enjoy reading your favorite romance novel, watching the kids create memories with their siblings, entertaining family & friends, or dozing off in your favorite chair, a new shaded patio or porch can make your backyard experience much more comfortable, relaxing, and inviting.

A covered roof structure or porch can help you enjoy extra hours and all four seasons in your new outdoor living space while making your home feel larger and protecting your investment.

Here are 5 reasons you could consider a covered patio or porch in your backyard:

  • Reduce Energy Costs 

A new covered porch in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, or a patio is a perfect structure where you can enjoy a lazy weekend reading your favorite book while watching the seasons change. However, depending on the weather, design, and construction materials, a new covered porch or patio could cause your electric bill to skyrocket if you are not careful.

When planning a covered porch or patio in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, be sure to carefully consider how the structure will be enclosed. Heat-efficient doors and adding insulation materials between your glass panels will help keep your new space comfortable during both the hot and cold weather.

  • Protection from the elements 

The best covered porches and patios will not only protect you from sun, rain, wind, and cold, but they will also be a stylish feature that complements your home. If you’re determined to use your new outdoor living space for as long as possible this summer, a custom porch or covered patio will help you shelter from both the late summer sun and the odd rain shower. But make sure your new covered patio or custom porch in Center Valley, Pennsylvania does not impact the natural light that enters your home.

When planning your new custom porch or covered patio, make sure to take into account the direction that the new space faces, the window location, and how high the roof is on your new custom covered porch or patio. This will help ensure that your new space doesn’t impact the natural light inside your house.

  • Extend the use of your outdoor living space 

With all the benefits that fresh air, sunlight, and nature brings, it’s no surprise that most homeowners want to make the most of their custom outdoor living spaces in Center Valley. From graduation & birthday parties to weddings and baby showers, there are plenty of life events that are more enjoyable outdoors–especially when they can be hosted from the comfort of your home! But if you live in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, you experience the full range of all four seasons. So you understand the difficulty of protecting your space from the elements.

A covered patio or porch can help extend the use of your outdoor space by +3 months per year! The key to deciding whether to build an all-seasons porch VS a covered porch is really a question of intent. If your goal is to provide simple outdoor comfort for use when the weather is behaving, a covered patio or screened-in porch may be your best bet. But if you want to use your new space 365 days a year a fully enclosed structure with HVAC might be a better investment.

  • Add comfort features to your space 

Nothing is worse than wasting time and money re-doing the construction on a covered patio or screened-in porch in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. But oftentimes, homeowners don’t take the time to consider all the features that could provide comfort to their new space.

We know that the best time to install an additional feature is during the construction of your new covered patio or custom porch. It could be costly and difficult to add something later once the construction of your new covered patio or porch is complete. This is why we help you analyze all your options before construction begins so you are never left worried about your decisions or wasting money doing things twice.

  • Protect your investment

Exterior upgrades like a new patio or porch can enhance the look of your property and can help you maximize the value of your home. But there’s a good chance that whatever materials you select for your new patio or porch could use protection. You will probably also want to prevent your new outdoor furniture from getting damp or damaged by UV rays so it doesn’t warp or fade.

We know a covered patio or custom porch will shield you from the elements while protecting your investment and keeping it looking fresh. This is why we help you design a custom space that is properly covered and naturally extends the footprint of your home outdoors.

How to protect your outdoor living space →

Designing and building a new outdoor living space should be an exciting experience, but we get that you don’t want to work with a contractor that will waste your money and you don’t want to get stuck wasting your valuable time managing multiple crews, contracts, permit applications, and other important details.  You are not alone!

At MasterPLAN, we have partnered with hundreds of homeowners – just like you – to eliminate the stress and hassle when transforming your backyard into an outdoor living space in the Lehigh Valley.  We make your unique journey stress-free by using our award-winning design/build process to handle all communication with your HOA and township, develop your plans, obtain your building permits, manage any and all engineering, schedule your inspections and so much more!

Here’s how to do it:

Call: Schedule your meeting!

Collaborate: Create your perfect plan!

Construction: With an approved design, construction starts!

Celebrate: Raise a toast to your transformed home and the new life that comes from it!


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In the meantime, download your exclusive copy of the Top 5 Design Secrets your Contractor Doesn’t Know. So you can stop fearing that you will make the wrong decisions about your new outdoor living space and instead be confident when selecting the right firm to help transform your backyard into the outdoor living space you always dreamed of!

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