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Posted July 9, 2015 in Blog, Landscape Design

Today, it seems like smartphones are used for everything.  Not only are smartphones being used to do banking and to prove friends wrong on stupid trivia facts, but they seem to be used for the tiniest tasks you could imagine.  Be honest, have you ever seen, or are you guilty of, using your smartphone as a flashlight to walk from your car to your front door, or to see your keys to get into the house?  In the world of technology, I think it is time to save your phone’s battery power and invest in some outdoor landscape lighting.  The days of struggling to carry all the grocery bags at once and your phone/flashlight in your mouth are over!

There are many options out there in regards to landscape lighting.  What brand should you choose?  What kind of lamp should you be looking at?  Style, color, shape?  When researching landscape lighting, make sure you look into products with staying power.  If you are going to invest money into your property and your safety, you should be looking into fixtures that not only look good, but are dependable and long-lasting!  Let’s shed some light on Alliance Outdoor Lighting, shall we?

Alliance Outdoor Lighting produces several different lighting options to choose from.  Alliance light fixtures have a simple and clean design, while still being durable and well-built.  Not only are these fixtures high in quality, but they are energy-efficient as well.  The soft and warm LED glow from these fixtures saves energy and money compared to halogen fixtures.  You can replace a 30 watt halogen lamp with a 5 watt LED lamp, which means your investment in LED lighting will essentially pay itself back in energy savings and long life!

Path Lights

Alliance Outdoor Lighting

Path lighting is an important element in nighttime safety.  Being able to see where you are going prevents injury and can deter burglars!  These Alliance fixtures are made out of weathered brass and have a polycarbonate lens.  Its hat is simple yet sophisticated, functional yet not over-bearing.  Giving off a helpful glow, this fixture is perfect, for none other than path lighting!  There isn’t a need to worry about these fixtures being out in the elements, because they are resilient and can handle all four seasons.

Well Lights

Well lights are another wonderful addition to the outdoor lighting family.Alliance Well light WL200_app  These Alliance LED well lights are safe enough to install into the ground in your landscaping, as well as having your landscape designer install them in your walkway gathering areas that might face some heavier traffic.  The weathered brass fixture has a clear glass lens, which is perfect for showcasing your perfect landscaping or extending your outdoor living space for your guests to enjoy.

Bullet Lights

Alliance bullet BL200Alliance bullet lights are a perfect addition to highlight your home’s natural charm.  You can use these weathered brass fixtures to highlight the texture of your home’s stone facade, enhance the columns of your porches, or show off whichever aspect you want the neighborhood to envy.  If you want to highlight your home on a smaller scale, you can also use these bullet lights to shine on your favorite shrubs and trees, or to shine some light on your house number.  The possibilties are endless!

Low voltage landscape lighting is really making its way to the forefront of home improvement.  By contacting your landscape designer about a lighting plan, you are choosing to enhance the beauty of your home, extend your livable area, enhance your personal and property value, provide your family a proven sense of security, and ensure that your family and guests can navigate around your home safely.  Smartphones were not made to be flashlights for your nightly use, so you can put them back in your pocket once the sun goes down and you can enjoy life as it happens, in a better light.

Serving the Poconos, the Lehigh Valley and throughout the Philadelphia areas, MasterPLAN Landscape Design is ready to create and build your perfect dreamscape for your outdoor living spaces.  Reach out to MasterPLAN today to chat about your project and turn your dreams into reality!

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