Creating a Backyard Habitat for Wildlife

Posted February 26, 2015 in Blog, Landscape Design, Plant and Tree, Water Feature

Plant it and they will come. Creating a backyard habitat for wildlife creatures is easier than you think. Knowing what creatures need, then establishing those requirements in your garden will attract them to feed, drink, find shelter and nest. Before long, “wild kingdom” will be enjoyed in your backyard!

Food sources that attract birds, butterflies and other beneficial include natives. It stands to reason that what grows naturally in a region will benefit the native wildlife and is backed up by data from Cornell Lab of Ornithology stating that 7.5 times as much food is sourced through native plants. While the American lawn is an icon to some, wildlife get very little advantage from it. Replacing lawns in stages and landscaping with garden beds and vegetation will reduce the environmental impact as well. Additionally, homeowners can nesting-wildlife-habitat-backyard-birdsattract wildlife with feed including sunflower seeds, suet, peanuts and sweetened water feeders.

Water sources can take many forms such as a natural stream running through the property or a simple bird bath. Small water features can be included in the landscape to attract water creatures like toads, frogs, and be a habitat for small fish and birds. Placing it in a shaded area helps keep water cool and fresh. Access birdbaths close to branching trees or shrubs for easy transition to and from the water source.

Shelter source elements include a place to hide from predators, rest and nest. Evergreens such as Eastern red cedar and Spruces provide food, nest sites and shelter year-round. Other options include placing dark colored birdhouses facing south for heat absorption and placed in safe areas to attract feathered friends.

Planting trees and shrubs for food, nesting and shelter help create the sources from which creatures are attracted. Having these elements in place throughout the year, will keep wildlife attracted to your backyard habitat. If you need some inspiration for your backyard habitat, MasterPLAN can give recommendations for an all-around landscape that will keep the birds singing throughout the year.

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