Design Tips That Will Transform Your Backyard into an Outdoor Living Space

Posted January 27, 2022 in 3D Design, Blog, Decks, Design/Build, Furniture, General, Patio and Walkway, Pool, Videos, Water Feature

Building a new deck, new patio, or new pool in the Lehigh Valley could sound easy, and it should be! But oftentimes, contractors lack the vision and tools to create an inviting atmosphere that seamlessly combines your outdoor furniture, decor, landscaping, and other elements that make your new space feel comfortable, functional, and timeless the first time you use it.

Without the proper combination of design, project management, and construction skills you could end up with a space that is boring, lacks comfort, or doesn’t match your home. Even worse, the wrong contractor could leave you with headaches, township issues, drainage nightmares, or a space that requires a ton of maintenance. This is not fair!

When it comes to transforming your backyard, try these ideas to turn your backyard into an outdoor living space that will encourage you, your family, and friends to spend time together creating life’s most precious memories:

  • Connect your new space to your home’s architecture

Opting for a strong connection between the inside of your home and your new outdoor living space in Northampton County, Pennsylvania will make your home feel larger. The right layout and strategically planned furniture can create a natural flow and seamless connection between indoor and outdoor rooms. But oftentimes, this is difficult to visualize, explain, and understand without the right design software and knowledge. So homeowners and deck contractors in Northampton County, Pennsylvania frequently find themselves with two completely different expectations that could lead to frustrations, change orders, and unnecessary bills throughout construction.

At MasterPLAN, we know visualization is the first crucial step in the journey to creating an architectural connection to your home. This is why your designer will use a custom 3D, full-color, design video to show you exactly how your new space will look and connect to your home. With vivid, 3-D imagery you will be able to interact with the space, feel how each feature will be utilized, see how everything fits, flows, and functions together along with a furniture plan, and more. This important tool eliminates surprises, improves collaboration efforts, and ensures you know exactly how your space will look and feel.

Outdoor Features that can add value to your home in the Lehigh Valley →

  • Add comfort features that extend the inside of your home outdoors

Not all outdoor features boast the same returns, especially in today’s local real estate market. This is why it is important to know which investment could add value, increase marketability, and enhance the overall appeal of your home to a future homebuyer. There are plenty of solutions to discuss with your designer that can ease nearby annoyances. For example, water features can soften the sound of nearby traffic, strategic plantings or feature walls can block that same traffic or nearby neighbors…etc. There are so many functional and intentional ways to beautify your space while keeping resale and personal value in mind.

At MasterPLAN, we are committed to helping you identify the best investment and ensuring the features you select for your new outdoor living space maximize the value of your home in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. We will begin our design-first approach by getting to know you, your family, and your home so we can help you identify and select the best features that provide comfort and convenience to your new outdoor living space.

  • Designate zones for cooking, dining, lounging, and entertaining

Choosing a layout for your new outdoor living space in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania can be difficult if you don’t know how you will use the new space. You will need to carefully consider what appliances you will actually use, which features will enhance your lifestyle, and how you will utilize each space.

We know that you want to see exactly how many people you can entertain, where you can unwind, and how the layout will work with your lifestyle. This is why we develop a custom, full-color, 3D design video that will let you see exactly how your new space will look and feel exactly how it will connect to your home.

Designing and building a new outdoor living space should be an exciting experience, but we get that you don’t want to work with a contractor that will waste your money and you don’t want to get stuck wasting your valuable time managing multiple crews, contracts, permit applications, and other important details.  You are not alone!

At MasterPLAN, we have partnered with hundreds of homeowners – just like you – to eliminate the stress and hassle when transforming your backyard into an outdoor living space in the Lehigh Valley.  We make your unique journey stress-free by using our award-winning design/build process to handle all communication with your HOA and township, develop your plans, obtain your building permits, manage any and all engineering, schedule your inspections and so much more!

Here’s how to do it:

Call: Schedule your meeting!

Collaborate: Create your perfect plan!

Construction: With an approved design, construction starts!

Celebrate: Raise a toast to your transformed home and the new life that comes from it!


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In the meantime, download your exclusive copy of the Top 5 Design Secrets your Contractor Doesn’t Know. So you can stop fearing that you will make the wrong decisions about your new outdoor living space and instead be confident when selecting the right firm to help transform your backyard into the outdoor living space you always dreamed of!

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