Don’t forget shade when designing your outdoor living space

Posted June 25, 2020 in 3D Design, Attached Roof System, Blog, Pavilion

While it’s relaxing and restorative to spend time outdoors, sometimes it is just too hot. If you have ever baked in the sun while sitting by a pool, on a patio, or cooking on deck, you know how important it is to have at least one source of shade in your backyard. But with a ton of options, you might find it difficult to select the right shade structure for your property. This is why it is important to know what your shade structure could look like and feel how it will connect to your home.

Here are a few shade options to consider for your backyard in Pennsylvania or New Jersey:

  • Attached Roof System

An outdoor kitchen, patio, or deck are amazing features to have in your backyard. However, if you cannot use your outdoor living space due to inclement weather is it really bringing the most value to your backyard?

Building an attached roof system in your backyard provides unlimited benefits to your outdoor kitchen, deck, or patio. Constructing an attached roof structure for your backyard will extend the use of your outdoor living space, enhance the functionality of your space, and add value to your home.

Explore design features for your attached roof system → 

  • Pergola

Adding a pergola to your backyard in Pennsylvania or New Jersey can add the perfect mix of sun, shade, and style to your outdoor living space. Depending on your goals for your dream pergola, a designer can help you incorporate details like curtains, shade canopies, privacy walls, lighting, and more.

This homeowner in Allentown, Pennsylvania always had the dream of having a pergola on her deck, but could not visualize what her perfect pergola would look like. When she partnered with MasterPLAN to transform her backyard, we helped her reimagine her space and design a custom pergola and tropical hardwood deck. The custom pergola was designed and built with a traditional aesthetic and simple details such as star lights for a sweet hint of light during the evening hours and a ceiling fan to keep annoying flying ants out of their hair!

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  • Pavilion

A pavilion is a perfect space for relaxing, dining, or entertaining outside in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. But the style and type of pavilion you design ultimately determines the true value your pavilion brings to your home. Defining the goals for your pavilion is important and visualization is the first step to discovering the potential for your structure.

This homeowner in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania partnered with MasterPLAN to visualize what their backyard could look like. They wanted to enhance their outdoor structure to maximize the value of their home. We helped this homeowner design a custom pavilion that keeps the mosquitoes and flies at bay by adding screens. We also incorporated lights so this homeowner can enjoy their pavilion once the sun goes down.

Planning a new backyard should be a very exciting experience, but we get that selecting the right shade structure for your property can be overwhelming. You are not alone!

At MasterPLAN, we know that you know that you want a backyard that you can enjoy all year long. This is precisely why we help you design and build smart solutions that will offer protection from the elements and extend the use of your outdoor living space.

Here’s how we do it:

Call –Schedule a design meeting!

Collaborate – Create your perfect plan!

Construction– With an approved design, construction starts!

Celebrate– Raise a toast in the backyard of your dreams!

Transforming your backyard into an outdoor living space will maximize your home value, help you fall in love with your home all over again, and make your backyard a magnet to life’s most important moments!


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