Fire features enhance your outdoor living space!

Posted June 18, 2015 in Blog, General, Landscape Design

Think back to your happiest times when you were a kid.  Were you happiest when it was summer time and school was a distant memory?  Were you happiest at summer camp running around?  How about playing with your friends in the neighborhood?  Chances are, when reminiscing about the good ol’ days, being outside is front and center in your memory.  There is a carefree and independent feeling when thinking about the outdoors that is hard to shake.  Just because the times have changed in the past few decades, doesn’t mean that those wonderful outdoor memories can’t be recreated!  The days of kids leaving the house when the sun came up and not seeing their parents until after dark are long gone, but parents now have the opportunity to make their home the magnetic backyard where all the kids would love to be.

There are many elements that go into the perfect outdoor living space.  You would like to have an ample space to entertain, yet have the opportunity and setup to be close to the ones you love.  One way to have it all, in a sense, is to incorporate a fire feature into your backyard retreat.  An outdoor fire feature can mean many things, depending on what you would like to use your particular space for.  There are options to have fire features be either ornamental or functional and practical.


Ornamental fire features are a thing of beauty.  Imagine looking out your kitchen window and seeing a beautiful reflecting pond in your yard, complimented by the reflection of a fire feature’s flames dancing on the water’s surface.  Fire features have the aesthetic ability to make an outdoor living space come to life and exude the feeling of natural serenity.  Ornamental fire features can also enhance other elements in your backyard such as a pool, spa or landscape design.  Ornamental fire features are a great way to improve upon your existing landscape!


Functional fire features are a great way to bring the family together.  You could incorporate an outdoor fireplace into your backyard that would be the centerpiece to your entertainment space. q-14 Whether wood fired or gas lit, a fireplace is elegant, eye catching and a great way to stay warm on a chilly night.  If you would like a more interactive fire feature, you could incorporate a fire pit into your landscape design.  A fire pit can also be wood fired or gas lit, and has all the opportunity to be complimented by kids with s’mores and hotdogs on sticks or cuddling couples, all making memories.

Permanent fire features add dimension and architectural interest to your backyard design.  Whether your fire feature is constructed from real natural stone or is completed with a stone veneer, the sense of timeless design is on your side.  By employing a landscape designer to aid in your outdoor living space vision, you can leave the design, build and code compliance to the professionals.  Not only do you want something that looks good for years to come, but you can also rest easy knowing that your outdoor space is safe and any restrictions are taken into consideration.

When you are ready to move forward with your outdoor dreamscape, reach out to us here at MasterPLAN Landscape Design.  Not only will you find our process headache-free and enjoyable, but you will fall in love with your new outdoor landscape design; we guarantee it!

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