Garden Dream Boards

Posted February 12, 2015 in Blog, Landscape Design, Plant and Tree

Developing a garden dream board of inspiration for your landscape plans can help express your concept and goals to a landscape designer. This will also give you a clearer focus on what the garden will look like jointly. After considering all the visuals (graphics, illustrations, pictures and words) on a board, you may think that some items are not as necessary as you once thought. Or you may see that something is missing and include it. Garden Dream Boards will help inspire your creative thinking and accumulate your creative juices in one place. Where do you find inspiration to pin to your dream board? Read on…


Dream board-garden planning-masterplan-landscape design

The shape of a starfish could be interpreted into foliage.

What inspires you?

 All areas of life can inspire whether you’re on a deserted island with the sand under your toes or in a fashion boutique looking at scarves. We can take away bits of inspiration from experiences and transpose them into a colorful, rich palette of images, purpose, emotions and clarity to focus on. Let’s get started.

Travel inspires—

Have you ever taken a cruise and admired the color of the water on the sand? Or the textures of the starfish and the shapes of shells? All of those tidbits of admiration can be worked into a design by translation. Shapes of starfish could be interpreted into foliage. The curvature of a seashell could be duplicated in the lines of the garden beds. Bringing back nuggets such as these will add to your “must haves” list making a unique display that only you create. Drawing from these will help your landscape designer or outdoor specialist enhance on your preferences.

Recipes inspire—

Have you just taken a bite into a delicious sandwich and wondered about that specific herb the chef tainted it with was? What if you could grow your own herbs to whip up culinary creations? What is your favorite dish? Choose ingredients that you want to duplicate in the garden and display them on a recipe card. Post it to your garden dream board. The color, fragrance, texture, taste and shape of food constantly inspire us in our selections. Oregano, rosemary and cherry tomatoes together could remind you of the Tuscan meal you ate on vacation.

Interiors inspire

Dream boards-garden planning-landscape designer

A rug pattern can inspire your garden design.

Objects on the interior of your home reflect your style. These can be translated into the outdoors by replicating designs. Perhaps you have a rug pattern that you love and want to have the similar lines duplicated in a formal area of the garden. Take pictures of the rug and translate the colors with floral substitutes arranging the display like an outdoor rug in the garden.

Find inspiration on our website and collaborate with landscape designer, Joshua Gillow. MasterPLAN creates realistic 3-D vision images presenting a portrait of your garden before it’s installed. Joshua will transform your garden dream board into reality. Call today for an appointment.

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