Pimp My Pergola

Posted June 26, 2013 in General

Your custom pergola or pavilion can be a simple place to sit in the shade, or you can upgrade it into an outdoor paradise! Here are some features you can consider adding:


From a string of simple holiday lights to permanent recessed lighting, adding lighting to your pergola or pavilion is a great way to highlight the beauty of the structure while giving you a  romantic place to enjoy summer nights.


Nothing says lazy summer afternoon like sitting under a ceiling fan! Better suited to pavilions than pergolas, install a ceiling fan and you can catch a nice summer breeze even when the wind isn’t blowing.


Fireplaces and fire pits can extend your outdoor season by giving you a warm place to sit and enjoy cooler summer and autumn nights.


It wouldn’t be summer if there wasn’t a barbecue! From old school charcoal to energy efficient gas grills, consider taking your cooking outdoors so you can mingle with guests as dinner is cooking.

Water Features:

For thousands of years, people have always been drawn to water, whether it be ocean, rivers or lakes. In your own backyard, you can add the beauty of rippling water with a simple stand alone fountain.

Entertainment Systems:

You don’t have to go inside to catch the game or your favorite show on TV. Set up an outdoor entertainment system, and you can enjoy both the sweet summer air and your TV.

Sound Systems:

Why rely on a boom box when you can install outdoor speakers to keep the tunes rolling in the sun with you!
For more ideas on how you can improve your outdoor space, contact MasterPlan Landscape Design & Installation today!

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