Summer Nights Are Made for Fire Pits

Posted August 29, 2013 in General


Since the dawn of time, people have gathered around a fire pit to enjoy the warmth and light while sharing stories and songs under the stars. If you like to entertain, nothing beats a gathering around your backyard fire pit with friends and family! If you want to upgrade from standing around a charcoal grill, consider building a permanent fire pit complete with comfortable seats.
A good landscape designer will consider many factors when building your fire pit, including safety factors to keep the fire from spreading outside of the pit. It’s important to consider the types of building materials used in the vicinity of the fire pit. From an aesthetic perspective, whether it is incorporated as part of your deck or set up to be a stand-alone fire pit, it should be part of your overall backyard MasterPlan. 
The fire pit itself should be made of fireproof material and built on flat ground at least 25 feet from your house and potentially flammable plants, shrubs or trees. Your local government may have building codes that govern how fire pits are built and used, and may require the fire pit to be surrounded by a border of sand or gravel. A good designer will be familiar with your local codes and be able to design your fire pit right the first time, so you won’t have to face possible fines or worse, a dangerous situation.
Let MasterPlan Landscape Design & Installation build you a fire pit that your neighbors will envy!

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