Ideas for a Sloped Backyard Makeover

Posted September 5, 2019 in Landscape Design

Create usable space without buying more land; with some of our creative ideas for a sloped backyard makeover, you can utilize every single square foot of space without the hassle of moving! Gather these fantastic ideas to reimagine your backyard into space your family and friends will be able to use and love.

Common Sloped Backyard Problems

A sloped backyard can take up space that otherwise would be an asset. For instance, if the slope is above the house, there can be erosion and maintenance problems if the bank is at a steep pitch. Runoff can come swift and create a drainage problem if not redirected carefully. The bottom of the slope will then hold more water, endangering your plants, and promoting weed growth!

If the slope is below the house then, the same issues apply only your drainage might be aggravating the neighbor below you, which will cause even more strife! Let’s examine how we can rectify these issues and give you the yard of your dreams.

Add a Retaining Wall for a Sloped Backyard

Hillside properties can highlight the architecture of a home and provide excellent views to take advantage of if designed with creativity and expertise. Of course, expanding a hillside into a usable space is the main objective, as every inch counts in property values!  With careful forethought and planning, homeowners can make the outside of their homes as livable as the interior spaces. A common way to accomplish this feat is by the strategic implementation of retaining walls.

A retaining wall can build up a sloped backyard and add dimension and space with a beautiful native or manufactured stone that compliments your home. Retaining walls also help with erosion by adding practical support while holding soil in place. The drainage installed around a retaining wall structure should also direct water to the proper outlets and away from existing properties and structures. Proper installation eliminates any damage to your home or the neighbor’s property!

With steeper slopes, you may want to consider installing tiered retaining walls with native boulders or footed masonry walls down the side of your house to a lower level. These leveled areas created by the retaining walls can provide an excellent opportunity to garden or add perennial or cut flowers to admire and enjoy. Including steps in this area makes it easier to maneuver in for services and gardening, be sure to talk to your landscape designer about accessibility! The stone used also gives beautiful texture and depth to the view while bringing a cohesive nature to the property as a whole. For a more natural aesthetic, boulders can hug the sides of the steps on the slope, adding more areas to plant and create depth in the garden. There is a practical and beautiful solution for every unique preference!

Utilize your Opportunities with a Sloped Backyard Makeover

For those with a sloped backyard and the desire for an at-home swimming pool, all hope is not lost!  They say, where there is a will there is a way! Talk to your landscape designer about using the slope to your advantage! Sloped outdoor living spaces can be very breathtaking if designed and installed correctly, take this beautifully tiered waterfall backdrop to a spa-like pool setting, for example! Creative landscape designers shouldn’t see backyard challenges as a problem, but as an opportunity for very innovative solutions!

Infinity pools work quite well in a sloped outdoor living space, making the most out of the existing backyard! Arranging a swimming pool on a hill, adding steps to the side and a beautiful patio setting below is a fantastic way to take advantage of the mountains and nightlife views!

Don’t Let Slopes Intimidate-Drive Through It!

Are you in a quandary with too many cars in the driveway and not enough room to park? Create a cutback and utilize a segmental block wall. Hillsides can intimidate us by encroaching too close to our spaces. However, with creativity and proper engineering, any hillside dilemma can be overcome with retaining walls and softscapes. There is no need to limit your livable space with a reachable and creative solution!

Invest Wisely

As we know, with retaining walls, you can create more usable space with your investment by renovating, particularly awkward spaces.  In the planning phase for projects that need to be constructed strategically to function correctly, don’t forget that you will get what you pay for in regards to materials and skillset. Some homeowners will pick out the materials that involve the least investment for a job while not considering long term issues or added expense down the road. While treated wood and railroad ties are a common homeowner choice, they will end up rotting over time. Treated wood needs replacement and possibly added yard cutback to correct the problem areas. Simply said, degradable materials are a short-term fix to a long term issue because, in the long run, they will degrade! With options like boulders, footed masonry walls, and segmental block walls, you can’t go wrong. When properly installed by a reputable outdoor living specialist, your retaining walls will be a lasting investment and involve little worry for long term issues.

Don’t let a sloped yard get you down or hinder you from purchasing the home of your dreams!  Consulting an experienced outdoor living professional will be worth the effort. We can help you visualize your dream outdoor living space and walk alongside you, taking the appropriate steps to accomplish your goal.

Here at MasterPLAN Outdoor Living, we encourage a strong partnership between our staff and our clients!  We aim to experience the outdoor living journey together, with open communication and a collaboration of ideas to discover the true potential of each property.  For those living in the Poconos, the Lehigh Valley through the Main Line of Philadelphia and western New Jersey that know what they want in their outdoor living space but can’t seem to visualize it or figure out how everything flows together, reach out to MasterPLAN!  Our full-color 3D modeling, paired with our skilled construction services, was created to make this process easy, exciting, and positive!  When you are ready to create an outdoor living space that your family will love for years to come, we will be ready to welcome you into our family!


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