Landscape Edges and Borders

Posted October 10, 2019 in Landscape Design

Adding renewed freshness and tidiness to landscaping beds may be lurking right along on the edge of what is existing! Have you been searching for some simple, low-maintenance options to keep your beds in line? Well, rethinking the overall appearance of the garden may start on the edge. Installing new edging can be one of the easiest ways to improve the functionality and appearance of your landscaping beds by holding in soil and mulch that tends to float away with each hard rainstorm. Landscaping edges along a border not only define a bed and differentiate between turf and landscape, but keep everything neat and organized while also holding off invasive and wandering roots. Let’s take a look to see if we can uncover a solution that might fit your needs.

Garden Edging Materials for Borders

Brick for a Classic Touch

For a more traditional home or classic feel, brick edging is an excellent and timeless choice. Implementing a color that is complementary to the facade of your home is a subtle designer tip to making the space feel cohesive and welcoming. There are many brick design solutions to discuss with your outdoor living professional; a simple layout of bricks placed end to end elegantly elongates the beds on the garden edge or a weathered brick or a low-profile surface will allow the attention to be on the lawn and sweeping flower beds and shrubbery.

Stone Edging

For a more natural look, locally sourced stones are a great option for your landscaping edges and borders. Adding aged stone with its natural mosses and lichens is a great way to also add texture and beauty. Whether you opt to stack flatter cut stones or more substantial shapes in odd sizes and colors, the arrangement is a flattering contrast to the border of vegetation.

If you prefer a more uniform aesthetic, talk to your outdoor living professional about incorporating paving stones along your bed borders, this will make lawn maintenance around the edges a lot easier on your equipment. However, for the lowest of maintenance options, you will find that edging along a stone pathway involves less energy to keep turf growth or weeds out of the cracks of the stone lineup.

Imagine your bed’s edge lined with white contrasting gravel alongside bluestone pavers on a gradual slope. This beautiful contemporary placement of plants and materials give the edges much contrast and color to the area. The white stone is a perfect carpet to the ground for the various selections.

Going Natural

You might choose to take a simple and straightforward approach in your garden and enjoy the natural surroundings with a clean, crisp, and streamlined spaded edge. This edging option doesn’t require any stone material at all! Smooth lines cut into the turf, separating the bed to freshen up the bed borders. A curvaceous line moving around your landscaping beds can be maintained weekly with regular cuttings and simplifies the task of choosing pavers, bricks, or other stone materials. At the onset, we remove turf to form the beds’ fine edge, establishing the boundaries. A 90° angle is cut in the lawn, and mulch comes to the border with a 2-3 inch gentle slope adjoining against the turf wall. This aesthetically pleasing line edge creates a gentle transition from the landscaping beds to the lawn.

Expert Choices

Just as you have a world full of options for materials and adornments within your home, your outdoor living spaces have just as many options!  Each home and property should reflect your unique tastes, which is why MasterPLAN Outdoor Living specializes in the design/build services of custom outdoor living spaces!  From our first conversation in design to the final walkthrough of your new outdoor living space, we aim to have your property reflect your personal style in a beautiful and functional way.

Serving the Poconos, the Lehigh Valley through the Main Line of Philadelphia and western New Jersey, we would love to partner with you to create the outdoor living space you have always imagined.  When you are ready to discover the true potential of your property, perfectly tailored for your family, home and lifestyle, reach out to MasterPLAN. It’s time for you to live your best life outdoors!

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