Slippery Slope

Posted September 4, 2013 in Patio and Walkway

Terraces are a great way to turn a backyard with a dramatic slope into a friendlier, more useable space. It can take some expert planning, however. A reliable contractor will contact the utilities first to make sure there are no underground lines that could be cut or damaged before moving any topsoil. Also, many local municipalities require permits and inspections before backyard terraces can be installed.
Installing a retaining wall helps maintain the clean lines of a freshly installed terrace. Use natural stones for the wall, and you’ll give your backyard an earthy feel. Use premade, uniform blocks instead for a more precise look.
Fall is a great time to install terraces. Your home, our plan: Paradise perfected! Call MasterPlan Landscape Design & Installation today, and we’ll bring your dreams to life!

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