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Posted November 21, 2019 in Patio and Walkway

Imagine the aroma of savory barbeque emitting from your outdoor kitchen smoker and honing in on your prize recipe for the next Chopped Grill Masters competition. Or maybe your Italian heritage invokes the creation of an authentic, savory dish, topped with San Marzano Italian tomatoes, large discs of prosciutto, and slabs of gooey buffalo mozzarella. A finishing move of olive oil to be cooked in a wood-fired oven to achieve that impeccable delicious quality will surely attract your whole family to the source of the scent. Amazing recipes and outstanding kitchen appliances may just put you in the running for a Michelin star award.

Spending more time outside is a key element to healthy living, along with healthy recipes. Why not merge the two in a creative culinary crescendo? Choosing desirable ingredients is an adventure for the Rachel Ray’s in all of us but choosing appliances, can be an intimidating process and this is one example why we believe in education first!. Our recommendations and design experience aim to put the convenience and confidence back into your outdoor cooking experience! Outdoor living layouts and appliance selections need to be well thought out to ensure the proper amount of usable space and avoiding the never-ending run back into the house for forgotten spices or utensils.

Outdoor Kitchen Appliance Choices

To select the proper outdoor kitchen appliances, we must first figure out what type of cooking will be done and if you are more accustomed to preparing meals for your family or large groups of family and guests.  There definitely is no wrong answer, but truthful answers will give MasterPLAN Outdoor Living direction in creating the perfect outdoor kitchen for your unique tastes, custom-tailored to your preferences!


Outdoor Grills

Grills in the backyard have always been a staple, and always will be! Every family has one and these features have come a long way since the standalone domed grills filled with charcoal. Most portable grills offer the bare minimum in surface prep, making creative cooking an inconvenience. When there is not enough surface to prep or grill space to cook enough to feed the masses, grilling becomes a nuisance. Outdoor kitchen appliances have been revolutionized, making the grill master’s job a lot more convenient, enjoyable and festive. Consider ample and efficient gas grills with accessories like a heavy-duty rotisserie to handle your next 25-lb. smoked turkey during the holiday or searing station to precisely yet delicately prepare your favorite fresh tuna.

Want more?  Kick it up a notch by adding in a hybrid fire grill with a feature wood or charcoal smoker basket and heat zone separators between burners. Simultaneously barbecue a variety of specialties at varying temperatures with these outdoor kitchen appliance accessories while adding in that secret ingredient of charcoal flavor cooking. Every chef has their specialties, and telling your outdoor living specialist about them will ensure an exclusive kitchen fit for a king or queen!

Pizza Ovens

Due to the fast and furious eating trends, outdoor pizza ovens have been one of the must-have outdoor kitchen appliances on the list. It’s a modern twist on the classic barbecue menu. Treating your family to authentic piping hot home-made pizza in your own backyard is easy now that these outdoor kitchen appliances are so versatile and easy to use.

Our outdoor living expert designers can advise on what size cooking surfaces are optimal for those Italian pizza pie delectables. Custom outdoor pizza oven performance is like any commercial pizza oven with high-end durable materials to enjoy its performance and longevity for years to come.

The best part about these ovens is that they are versatile. Not only is pizza on the menu, but searing your favorite cut of meat, roasting chicken or even baking cookies are attainable with these specialty outdoor ovens. Your food repertoire will be complete with one of these outdoor appliances to facilitate the orders.


Take your smoking hot ribs to the next level with gourmet offset smokers that implement technology to deliver “stick burners,” which is a way to control the smoke and heat from the burning wood. This method circulates the heat evenly in the main cooking area for that mouth-watering, smoked flavor.

For those with limited room on a deck or patio, the water smoker has a small footprint with its unparalleled design and thermodynamics. The secret attribute that keeps chefs loyal to this outdoor kitchen appliance is that it keeps the food moist throughout the grilling time. Add wood and charcoal to the flame and your favorite meat, and voila, you’re voted ‘Best Chef’ in these parts!

Outdoor Cooktops

When we have clients that love entertaining and grilling outside, we suggest the inclusion of adjacent stainless steel side burners.  No more unnecessary trips back inside when you have these available burners included in an outdoor kitchen. The convenience of mixing up the sauces or steaming the veggies while you’re grilling the main course may not seem like much, but once you experience the full kitchen experience outdoors, you will wonder how you dealt without in the first place! This helpful add-on keeps the chef happy and more time doing what they love!

Warming Drawers

Ever sit down to eat, and the burgers are cold, and the ice tea is hot? Not a good day in paradise! If this really grinds your gears, inclusions like outdoor warming drawers are always a possibility!   These units offer various settings, and the electricity heated stainless drawers are multifaceted because they can also be used for slow roasting. When grilling for several foodies or finicky folk, these drawers will even keep the plates warm until serving just like your favorite restaurant does. The little touches make all the difference to an excellent, gourmet meal cooked in your very own backyard.


Remember those super fun and amazing fraternity and sorority days? You can now reminisce with an updated, luxury and good-looking version of ‘days gone by.’ For anyone who has been hit by the surge of craft beer connoisseurs know that hosting parties with beer as an option creates a lot of mess to clean up afterward with numerous bottles and cans to chill prior and recycle later. Make serving easy with a kegerator or keg refrigerator. Serve your beer conveniently chilled on draft and let the party begin!


Let the Fun Begin

There is no ideal cookie-cutter outdoor kitchen because each kitchen and outdoor living space should be custom-tailored to fit each family, home and lifestyle!  While appliances and features will vary, there are a few golden rules for outdoor living spaces that your professional outdoor living expert should know!

Accounting for ample space to accommodate foot traffic, seated guests and furniture is essential to get each unique formula just right.  Facing outdoor challenges head-on and creating spaces that are outside of the box in form and function is our specialty and we would love to partner with you to create a one-of-a-kind and low maintenance outdoor living space for your family and friends to enjoy for many years to come!

Serving the Poconos, the Lehigh Valley through the Main Line of Philadelphia and western New Jersey, MasterPLAN Outdoor Living would love to experience this outdoor living design-build journey together.  If you would like to open the conversation about your own outdoor living space, we are ready to listen, guide and create!  When you are ready to live your best life outdoors, reach out to MasterPLAN, we would love to welcome you into the family!

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