Custom shade structures for your property!

Posted July 7, 2016 in Blog, Landscape Design

Summer is here, time to get outside and enjoy your backyard! One thing you will need on a hot summer day is some shade. You can use temporary structures, including umbrellas or pop up canopies, but custom shade structures like pergolas, gazebos and pavilions can provide a more permanent structure that won’t blow down in the thunderstorm or make you spring up from bed when the wind starts to howl.

Pergolas, Pavilions and Gazebos: What are they?  Many people get the three types of structures confused, so here’s the low down…

Pergolas are the simplest of the three structures, usually made of four wooden posts and a slatted, flat roof.  You may find these structures over walkways, beautifully decorated by climbing vines and plants offering enchantment on your stroll, or strategically installed in your patio to provide a break from the intense summer rays.  Pergolas provide some shade, while also allowing some sunlight to come through making it the ideal backyard respite, wonderfully defining your outdoor space without closing it in.  The dappled sunlight that streams through the open slats is relaxing and stunning, all at the same time.  While pergolas are often connected to other structures, they are fully customizable to give you exactly what you need.  Pergolas can easily be transformed into the focal point of your outdoor living space by the choice of materials, color scheme or the implementation of a canopy shade system or fabric curtains blowing in the breeze.  Large or small scale, this structure extends your home’s living space, while providing landscape elegance.
PavilionTypically looking like a small house with open walls, pavilions are similar to pergolas but have solid roofs that completely block out sun and rain.  Also fully customizable, pavilions are constructed out of wood, but can be left with an exposed wooden frame ready for your favorite color of stain, or clad in vinyl for a more modern, seamless look.  Depending on the intended use determines the size of your pavilion.  A smaller scale pavilion is perfect for an outdoor furniture set to relax and read the morning paper, while a larger pavilion is optimal for the inclusion of an outdoor kitchen, dining and entertainment area.  Engineered to withstand high winds and snow loads, you can count on this roofed structure to be sound in any weather.
Gazebos usually have a round shape as opposed to being square or rectangular like a pergola or pavilion.  The common gazebo has eight sides and a closed roof which is usually dome shaped.  The sides of gazebos can be open air, which would be suitable being pool side or in a well-manicured place, while screening in the gazebo sides is perfect for garden areas, or in areas where it can get a little too buggy for your enjoyment.  A gazebo can be used in so many different ways, it is really up to you and your family how you would like to use it!  Maybe you would like a sheltered space away from your home where you can sit and quietly reflect and enjoy the view, or maybe it is best served as a roofed space for your children to play in while you garden..the choice is yours!  The larger the gazebo, the more space you have to entertain…so if you are looking for a simple place to recharge your battery, smaller scale is the ticket.
Without a doubt, all three structures will add shade and beauty to your backyard, while also providing a quiet spot to retreat from noisy kids or inclement weather. The design of the structure can vary from classic to modern to bohemian, and can be made from wood or vinyl and customized just how you like it.  If you have ideas for your backyard and just can’t quite tie everything together or have a great attention to deail…let MasterPLAN Landscape Design turn your “How?” into a “Wow!” with a landscape design custom tailored for you and your family!

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