Landscape Spotlight: Clematis

Posted July 27, 2017 in Plant and Tree

When all the major players are in place in your landscape, sometimes there are smaller spots that seem to look bare and it drives you crazy.  What is a homeowner to do?  When the circumstance arises that the space you want to fill won’t support a plant that grows out, the solution is to grow up!  Climbing plants are versatile, flexible, beautiful and the perfect accent for your landscape.  One of our favorite climbing vines that we use within our landscaping plans is clematis.

There is a flavor of clematis out there for everyone, and I mean everyone!  There are approximately 250 species of this beauty and hundreds more hybrids.  Flowers range from rich and bold to light and pastel; hues of blue, purple, white, pink, mauve, red and yellow are mixed and matched and organically combined to create blooms that will blow you away.  Whichever color is suited best for your property and to your preferences, the accompanying green foliage is sure to make these perennial blooms pop and enhance the trellis or structure used for support.

To be sure that the spot you have staked for the clematis is ideal, remember this old gardener’s adage, “Clematis love their feet in the shade and their faces in the sun.”  This plant will show its best when provided with cool, moist soil and a few hours of direct or indirect sunlight, so your hopes are not lost if you are planning on introducing this plant into a shade garden.  Plenty of water and a healthy dose of mulch will help retain moisture and keep this vine happy in most any spot.

To get the full dramatic and versatile results from this climber, try pairing it with others!  The most appealing combination you can find in the garden mixes climbing roses and clematis.  The mix of the larger thorny stems of the roses and the delicate leaves of the clematis balanced by the eye-catching blooms of each creates a beautiful garden kaleidoscope!  To further customize this marriage of foliage, you can choose from 3 different blooming schedules of clematis: early flowering, early-to-mid-summer flowering or late flowering.  It is by pure preference if you would like your clematis to bloom before, during or after your climbing roses…which combination do you think is the most sensational?

Besides filling in bare spots in the landscape, what else can these climbers do for your property?  This is when it is best to use your imagination!  Do you have a section of your property that feels too structured or rigid?  Implementing climbers to these spaces tend to give a softness to the area, making it look and feel more relaxed in nature.  You can pretty much implement any climbers such as clematis as an organic wallpaper…just supply the support system for it to climb and watch it go!  Clematis provides the same amount of coverage as ivy, without the invasiveness!

Do you or anyone in your family have allergies to particular flowering plants in your yard?  If you find that the beautiful draping plants in your landscaping plans, like wisteria, are causing outrageous sneezes and itchy eyes, clematis is a wonderful alternative.  Covering, sprawling and draping just like wisteria, clematis blooms last longer and don’t produce such a strong hay fever reaction!

Highly recommended as a dazzling design plant for your landscape, clematis is adaptable, stunning and is sure to delight wherever it is integrated.  If you are looking for a low-maintenance showstopper, look no further…clematis to the rescue!

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