Paint Your Landscape: Flowering Trees

Posted April 1, 2013 in Plant and Tree


“All gardening is landscape painting.” ~ Alexander Pope
How will you paint your landscape?
Nothing says Spring like the bright bursts of color coming to life in your garden. From subtle pinks and pale blues to bright reds and yellows, you can surround yourself with a rainbow of spring colors by planting the right flowering trees, shrubs and flowers.
Flowering trees make great additions to your garden because they will produce blooms spring after spring, but can also add a burst of color year round. Here are three of our favorite at MasterPlan Landscape Design & Installation:

Okame Cherry 

The Okame Cherry is one of the earliest blooming cherry trees. It bears deep pink blooms in early spring with the blooms lasting two to three weeks. It can reach 15 to 20 feet high in maturity. It also can show handsome fall color, with its leaves turning bronze red to orange, and has attractive red-brown bark. It grows best in moist, well-drained soil, but will adapt to a variety of soils as long as it is not too wet. It prefers a spot in full sunlight or light shade.

Serviceberry Tree

Also called the Juneberry tree, the Serviceberry tree is a native plant that is spectacular in all four seasons. In the spring, it is one of the first plants you’ll notice when its branches begin to produce beautiful white lacy blooms. In the summer, it produces berries that will transition from green to red to finally a sweet purple that people — and birds — can enjoy. The berry taste a little like blueberries, but with an almond scent, and can be eaten raw or cooked in jams and jellies or other treats. In the fall, its leaves turn a fiery reddish orange. In winter, its silvery bark remains attractive against a snowy background. It’s easy to grow, tends to reach a height of 15 to 25 feet, and thrives under most soil conditions in the Lehigh Valley.

Eastern Redbud

The Eastern Redbud is an early bloomer, bursting forth with lovely pink to magenta flowers in early spring. After the tree blooms, it forms light green heart-shaped leaves, which transition to a deep emerald green over the summer before turning a beautiful yellow in autumn. The tree tops out at 15 to 20 feet when it is mature. It also grows well in most Lehigh Valley locations.

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