Protect your Landscaping from Hungry Winter Critters

Posted April 9, 2015 in Blog

hungry deer winter Oh deer!  You don’t always need a trained eye to see deer damage in your landscape.  In times of severe winter where sustenance is scarce, deer and other critters have no reservations about nibbling or even destroying your trees, shrubs and whatever else is green.  What is a homeowner to do?  Putting your desire to wrestle all visible wildlife aside, we have come up with some solutions for you to try.

Try deer deterrent spray.  There are environmentally friendly sprays on the market today that will keep the wildlife at bay.  Spraying your evergreens every few weeks can prove to be a successful solution, that is, if you can stomach the smell as well.  While these sprays are unattractive to critters, humans don’t much appreciate the smell either.  Deer deterrent sprays are most likely a good solution for those trees and plants that are a little farther away from your living and social spaces.

If you would like a more long term solution, you could try a good old-fashion plant swap out.  There are certain plants and flowers that are known for warding off animals!  Instead of planting tulips, plant daffodils.  If you plan on having roses as a part of your plan, make sure that you choose a particularly thorny family such as Scotch or Rugosa roses.  You should be on easy street if you decide to plant anything fuzzy or thorny, such as lamb’s ear, barberries and cleome. lambs ear

If all else fails, you can build a fence, create a prominently steep property perimeter or stake scarecrows around your property.  Never underestimate the fierceness of a scarecrow.  Seriously!  Whatever the solution for your property might be, we wish you luck in your pursuit to keep your landscape intact and un-nibbled.  Let’s hope the buck stops there!

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