Should a Contractor Design Your Outdoor Living Spaces?

Posted November 11, 2021 in 3D Design, Blog, Decks, Design/Build, General, Patio and Walkway, Pool

Does it really matter if you hire a contractor or a designer to build your new deck, patio, or pool in the Lehigh Valley? Oftentimes, the price homeowners receive from a deck or patio contractor in the Lehigh Valley is less of an investment. The problem is a contractor is typically there to fulfill a contract. This means they are most likely not going to partner with you to build a comprehensive and cohesive outdoor living space that is designed and built for the specific needs of your lifestyle.

If you are looking for a space that you can embrace all day and all year you need to partner with a designer. The right designer will focus on how your new space will make you feel, how you will embrace your new space daily, and how comfortable you will be engaging your new space no matter what the weather brings!

Here are two reasons you should partner with a design/build firm rather than hire a contractor to build your new outdoor living space in the Lehigh Valley:

  • See exactly what your space will look like

3D modeling has raised the bar for craftsmanship and creativity throughout the outdoor living industry. This powerful tool allows designers to translate architectural drawings into an attractive visual that homeowners can easily see, understand, and feel. This big picture focus is the crucial tool that will help you design and build the outdoor living space of your dreams.

We know there are a few software programs that allow most tech-savvy consumers to create some pretty neat 3D renderings. However, if you lack knowledge about the materials, don’t know what permits to pull, and have minimal construction experience you could end up wasting a ton of money on a project that never comes to fruition. This is why it’s important to select a partner who is not only creative but also qualified to complete your build.

What you need to know before you hire a contractor in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania →

  • Know exactly what your space will cost

The increase in material costs as a result of COVID-19 affects all parts of the construction industry, and then some.  This is why it’s important to select a partner who is well versed in various outdoor living materials, trends, and options. The right partner will help you understand the cost of your investment upfront so you can make educated and informed decisions before any shovels hit the ground.

We know that you want options and you want to understand how your decisions will impact your investment. This is why we use our experience, architectural knowledge, and construction resources to ensure that you have the best options and all the knowledge needed to make the right decisions for your home and family. Our proven process will save you time, money, & space while eliminating any of the typical surprises that could come with a  standard construction project.

Designing and building a new outdoor living space should be an exciting experience, but we get that you don’t want to work with a contractor that will waste your money and you don’t want to get stuck wasting your valuable time managing multiple crews, contracts, permit applications, and other important details.  You are not alone!

At MasterPLAN, we have partnered with hundreds of homeowners – just like you – to eliminate the stress and hassle when transforming your backyard into an outdoor living space in the Lehigh Valley.  We make your unique journey stress-free by using our award-winning design/build process to handle all communication with your HOA and township, develop your plans, obtain your building permits, manage any and all engineering, schedule your inspections and so much more!

Here’s how to do it:

Call: Schedule your meeting!

Collaborate: Create your perfect plan!

Construction: With an approved design, construction starts!

Celebrate: Raise a toast to your transformed home and the new life that comes from it!


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In the meantime, download your exclusive copy of the Top 5 Design Secrets your Contractor Doesn’t Know. So you can stop fearing that you will make the wrong decisions about your new outdoor living space and instead be confident when selecting the right firm to help transform your backyard into the outdoor living space you always dreamed of!

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