Spend More Time Enjoying Your Deck, Less Time Maintaining It

Posted April 11, 2014 in Blog, Decks

If adding a new deck or patio is one of your landscaping ideas this year, it’s time to consider building with low maintenance materials.
Back in the day, homeowners power-washed and stained or sealed their wood decks year or so. But new materials have made this work a thing of the past.
There are many brands and manufactures of low maintenance decking material, but most can be divided into either composite or PVC products. Both can be made to look and have the color and texture of real wood, and both last for many years without the need for painting or staining.


Composite products are usually a mix of a natural products, such as wood fiber or rice hulls, and plastic, or polyethyle. Recycled plastics can also be included in composite boards, along with various chemical additives.  Since composites contain wood material, they still are prone to warping, mold and expansion. Capped composites are one of the hottest categories within decking, that’s a composite board that’s been coated with a shell, much like an M&M has a candy shell over the chocolate inside. It’s intended to extend the life of the board, but they are still prone to warping and moulding on the ends because the capping only covers the surface and sides leaving te bottom and ends to potentially absorb water.


PVC, also called vinyl decking, is made completely from a plastic, polyvinyl chloride. It doesn’t contain any other components and tends to not warp, mold or expand as much as the composite boards. It is fully capped and , in my opinion, a better alternative than composite decking.
Keep in mind, no matter which material you choose, Mother Nature is always trying to break it!
BrownDeck nonwooddeck PVCDeck
It can be confusing to choose which material work best to build the backyard project of your dreams. Call MasterPLAN Landscape Design & Installation to answer your questions and to help bring your landscaping ideas to life!

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