Landscape Spotlight: Daylily, ‘stella de oro’

Posted February 22, 2018 in Blog, Plant and Tree

By far, this flowering plant is one of our favorites here at MasterPLAN and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this beauty is one of the most popular reblooming daylilies.  Often referred to as the perfect perennial, its bright yellow display, butterfly and hummingbird attractive fragrance and dense foliage is a sure winner within the landscape.

Introduced in 1975, Walter Jablonski had the esteemed honor of naming his creation.  Whether Walter deliberately carried this hybrid theme a little too far or not, the given name “Stella de Oro” is a fusion itself.  Literally being translated to “star of gold” this name initially looks Italian or Spanish, but it is truthfully a blend of both.  “Stella” means “star” in Italian and “de oro” translates to “of gold” in Spanish, but not vice versa.  So, technically this hybrid plant has a hybrid name; do you think that was intentional?  Seems a little too ironic, but let’s get back to business…

Performing best in zones 4-8 (Find your zone here), landscape professionals and homeowners alike can appreciate the beauty this flower brings to each property.  Highly prolific, you will find that each bloom will last for about only a day, but that fact is easy to miss because a new bloom is ready to take its place almost immediately.  What really separates this flower from pretty much every other daylily is that its flowering window is exponentially longer than the normal +/- 3 weeks; Stella de Oro blooms from May until almost September, depending on your zone!

This high-volume bud production is the perfect result of the plant sending its long and leafless flower stalks directly from the root with multiple flower buds.  Growing and topping off at about a foot tall with similar spread, this perennial requires little maintenance and is the gift that keeps on giving because it arrives more abundant, healthy and attractive each year!

To keep this landscape lovely happy, it prefers full-sun.  If planted in an overly-shaded area, you will see a nice leafy green plant, but unfortunately, it will most likely refuse to flower.  Actually, rule of thumb, many other sun-loving perennials will get long and leggy in an area of too much shade but may begrudgingly give you a flower now and then.  As far as soil, this plant can handle well-drained soil in a variety of conditions, and once established, becomes surprisingly drought and heat tolerant.

Unlike other common daylilies like wild tiger lilies, Stella de Oro will not send out aggressive runners and will not be labeled as an invasive plant within your landscape.  This perennial will, however, multiply underground and create its renowned clumped form.  If this gathering ever becomes too much for a specific area, feel free to divide every few years to spread the joy as necessary!

When implementing into your landscape, Stella de Oro makes a great foundation plant with its dense foliage and its bright bountiful blooms.  The same characteristics make it an excellent ground cover and the perfect plant to add to shrub borders, perennial beds, on slopes and even in containers!  If you enjoy nature’s gifts, feel free to plant this perennial by your favorite windows or doorways to experience sweet smells in the breeze and a glimpse of fluttering butterflies from time to time.  As an added bonus, this flower is known for its deer-resistant qualities, so it is ideal to use as a buffer against your tastier and pest-loving delicacy plants within the garden!

With boundless uses in the landscape and stellar attributes, Stella de Oro is a property owner’s powerhouse.  The golden trumpets act as a home’s welcome wagon, encouraging smiles and a light-hearted atmosphere.  We are certain that you will enjoy this amazing design plant year after year!

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