Three Tips for your Landscape Lighting

Posted August 20, 2020 in 3D Design, Blog, Landscape Design, Landscape Lighting, Videos

A beautiful outdoor living space should be enjoyed well after the sun goes down. But, if you haven’t properly planned your landscape lighting you might run into safety hazards and other issues when relaxing after work or hosting a dinner party.

This is why it is important to consider how you will design your landscape lighting, know where it should be placed, visualize what features it will accent, and see how the lighting will reflect on materials throughout your backyard. Here are three design tips to consider when designing landscape lighting for your deck, patio, pool, or other backyard features in Pennsylvania or New Jersey:

  • Ensure safety & functionality

Well placed landscape lighting can help avoid dangerous trips, falls, or other accidents that could occur in a dark backyard. This is why it’s important to know exactly where your lights should be placed.

Well placed landscape lighting can help avoid dangerous trips, falls, or other accidents that could occur in a dark backyard.
When designing your landscape lighting, consider all functions of your backyard. A deck with stairs or a pathway between your outdoor features will need to be well lit to ensure that you can safely move about your yard without risk of injury.

Tour this landscape lighting design in Center Valley, Pennsylvania → 

  • Consider your focal points

You deserve to enjoy your landscape design well after the sun goes down. Consider highlighting a few focal points throughout your backyard so you can enjoy your favorite features in the evening.

Your instinct might be to light up all the amazing features in your backyard. But we recommend selecting just a few focal points. For this outdoor living space in Royersford, Pennsylvania, we designed and placed outdoor lights that highlight features such as the unique planter, water feature, bar, and more.

Tour this luxury outdoor living space in Royersford, Pennsylvania →

  • Visualize exactly how your lighting will look

If you can’t visualize exactly how your outdoor lighting will look, you might find it difficult to select the best landscape lighting for your backyard.

When you partner with MasterPLAN, we help you visualize exactly how your outdoor lighting will look through a custom full-color 3-dimensional design. This will allow you to see exactly how your landscape lighting will look and feel exactly how it will make your backyard come to life in the evening hours.

Landscape lighting can be the main feature that takes your backyard from basic and boring to an outdoor living space that maximizes your home value. But designing your landscape lighting in the Poconos, Lehigh Valley, Main Line of Philadelphia, or western New Jersey can be an intimidating project, and decisions about where to place your lighting can be difficult. You are not alone!

At MasterPLAN, we have partnered with hundreds of homeowners- just like you- to design and build timeless outdoor living spaces complemented by well-planned landscape lighting that brings the space to life. These well-lit outdoor living spaces have helped homeowners maximize their home value, helped them fall in love with their home all over again, and made their backyard a magnet to life’s most important moments!

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