Top 4 Reasons You Should Add a Water Feature to Your Backyard

Posted February 25, 2014 in Blog, Water Feature

If you are looking for fresh landscaping ideas, you may want to consider asking your landscape designer about adding a water garden, koi pond, fountain or waterfall to your backyard. Here are the top four reasons why:


Reduce Stress

Studies show that being near water reduces stress levels. As little as five minutes with nature can help reduce stress hormones, but being near water may have a stronger impact.
Evaporating water produces negative ions, which are invisible, tasteless, odorless molecules that we inhale. Negative ions have been shown to boost moods and lower stress hormones. It might be one reason people have been flocking to beaches, rivers and lakes for years to relax! Why not add your own water feature to your property to bring the relaxing sound and sight of water home.

Block Out Neighborhood Noises

There’s a reason that white noise machines often feature water sounds, such as ocean waves, river noises and waterfalls: they are soothing and can help block out annoying noises. If you live near a busy street or next to loud neighbors, a water feature can help block out other sounds, giving you a peaceful area to enjoy the outdoors. A fountain or waterfall might be more soothing than the water garden or koi pond to provide that white noise.

Raise Property Values

Properties that include elements installed by a professional landscape designer tend to be valued higher than properties with little to no landscape design. Installing a water feature not only increases your property’s appearance and value, but makes it more attractive to would-be buyers, which gives can you an edge in a competitive property market. When it’s installed by a landscape designer, you know it will fit into the rest of your backyard landscaping.

Ease of Use

When a professional landscape designer installs a water feature, you’ll know it’s done right the first time. A landscape designer will ensure the water feature is placed so it feels like a natural part of your landscaping as well as knowing the best low-maintenance system to install.They can also custom design a unique feature just for you!
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