I purchased a hot tub, now what?

Posted September 15, 2016 in Blog, Landscape Design, Water Feature

Relaxing in a beautiful bubbling hot tub is one of life’s most relaxing pleasures.  But after purchase, where should it live in your backyard?  Is there a way to make it look better?  What can you do?  Truth is, you can have your hot tub installed almost anywhere in your outdoor living space, within township rules and regulations, of course, but placing your hot tub within a well-designed outdoor plan is important to have everything feel seamless.  When the hot tub is not in use, and your gaze out your window, you don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb, or seem like a misplaced afterthought.  But how can you make a 500-gallon tub of water fit into your landscape?

Raise it Up

deck hot tubNo one ever said that a hot tub needs to sit on the ground!  It is possible to take your hot tub to another level…deck level to be exact!  Incorporating your hot tub into a second story deck is best left to the design and construction professionals, but the results are wonderfully dramatic!  Sinking the hot tub into the deck allows for easy in and out transition, as well as still being a part of the fun with the land-lovers.  The bulk of the hot tub is hidden underneath the deck, so the look is streamlined with its function!

Sink it In

Hot tubs that go up, may also sink down.  Not planning on a second story deck?  No problem! sunken hot tub If you are a lover of patio space, there is an option to sink your hot tub down into the ground, to get the same easy transition as it would in a deck scenario.  In-ground hot tubs tend to feel more private, relaxing and almost like you are at a spa.  Hiding the majority of the tub underground benefits the aesthetic of the backyard as a whole, creating a beautiful and clean environment.

Double Duty

hot tub with seating wallsIf you are adamant about keeping the hot tub on top of solid ground, there are options for that too!  Instead of hiding the belly of the beast, you could always mask it.  Incorporating masonry seating walls around the most visible sides of the tub, for instance, is a beautiful way to double the investment.  Not only are you concealing the tub, but you are creating another place for family and guests to sit and keep the conversation going with those who choose to take a dip.  Add a few steps to the seating wall and VOILA! you have an easy in and out water transition.  This makes for a much more graceful and safe entrance/exit than not having steps at all.

Studies have shown that soaking in a hot tub relaxes muscles and eases tensions and stress; so why not work with a landscape designer that aims to take all of the stress and tension of of the backyard transformation process?  MasterPLAN has developed our own “8 Steps to the Perfect Backyard”, which is guaranteed to reduce our clients’ construction anxiety by taking on scheduling, full project management, permits and inspections, so they don’t have to!  So, when you are ready to open a conversation about the true potential for your outdoor living space with a company that is passionate, professional and caring, reach out to MasterPLAN Outdoor Living!

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