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Fragnito Residence

This client’s existing deck was too small and way too closed in, making her feel restricted every time she went outside to enjoy the backyard. MasterPLAN heard her request for a contemporary open concept and aimed to free her from this solitary confinement!

Designer Comments

Our first order of business was to remove the existing deck and the limiting overhead awning. These features made this outdoor space feel closed-in and the awning darkened the inside of the home when extended, never really protected anyone from the elements. We were absolutely thrilled to open this space up and exceed the homeowner’s expectations!

Being that the existing deck faced north, it was always shady and moist, making mold, moss and mildew a reoccurring issue. Implementing low-maintenance composite decking meant that this homeowner would be able to spend her time enjoying her outdoor living space rather than maintaining it! The new ground-hugging deck provides ample space to entertain and relax while giving the illusion of a bigger first-floor living space. This continuous transition seemingly floats out into the yard providing a wonderful open view and uninterrupted access to the lawn.

Knowing that we needed to keep this space as open as possible, we wanted to minimize the amount of posts needed to support the roof. We engineered a steel I-beam to reinforce the roof, allowing us to implement only two posts as support. To further enhance the roof structure, we incorporated five fixed skylights to allow natural light to envelope the space and eliminate any introduced darkness inside the home. Ceiling fans were also integrated to create a beautiful breeze and to keep the summer bugs away! To finish, all beams and posts were clad with white Azek, eliminating any need for paint maintenance down the road.

The connection from the driveway to this new beautiful outdoor living space was important to the homeowner. We fully removed the existing brushed concrete sidewalk and slid the new paver walkway out from the house. We installed soft, colorful and perennial plantings between the house and new path to soften the hardscape and create a warm welcome for her visiting family and friends. Natural boulders, landscaping and landscape lighting graced the perimeter to give highlight and add accent to this now unobstructed and lovely outdoor oasis.

Client Wish List

  • Attached roof system with skylights
  • Ground-level low maintenance deck
  • Paver walkway with path lighting
  • Enough space to entertain
  • A nice and unrestricted feeling to the backyard

"My home has a new look and I know that my money has been well spent. Master Plan and Joshua Gillow are second to none!"

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