Easton, PA | 4 Weeks

Nixdorf Residence

Create an outdoor living space on a steep hillside without altering the historic property’s charming atmosphere.

Designer Comments

This historic estate, nestled into a hillside, brought many challenges. The rear of the house lacked any space flat enough to accommodate a table and chairs, and was largely unused due to the steep grade of the hill.

Our plan called for major excavation to provide a flat space. Carving out a flat area from the hill required skill and precision. We designed an upper landing and a set of steps to help with the grade change, incorporating an existing staircase that leads to a backdoor. We also installed natural stacked stone walls to retain the earth. Stones walls like this would have also been used in the 1920s, when this home was built, adding a historically accurate element of interest to the project.

We used flagstones to build the floor, with a geometric pattern reminiscent of a marble dance floor. We added a brick border in a rich brown color to match the antique bricks of the house.

We designed a custom waterfall using large natural boulders, to give the feeling that the water feature had always been there. A new wooden fence provided privacy, while tasteful plants brought a garden-feel to the property. We also added subtle lighting to allow the homeowners to extend get-togethers into the wee hours of the evening.

This project added a new outdoor living space to the home while boosting the property’s value.

Client Wish List

  • New outdoor entertaining space must look timeless, as if it had always been there
  • Water feature to be created with large boulders for a natural look
  • New fence
  • Nighttime lighting
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