Extending the Season: Fall Plants that Dazzle

Posted April 1, 2014 in Blog, Landscape Design, Plant and Tree

 As you look to make your landscape design plans this spring, keep in mind how the right plants can help extend the beauty of your outdoor garden season! These plants are known to add color and pizazz to your garden, and are great landscaping ideas to consider in the spring.

BurningBush2_lgBurning Bush: Native to eastern Asia, the deciduous Euonymus alatus, or burning bush, was introduced in the United States around 1860. Its red, fiery fall leaves make it popular with landscape designers. It can be found in the eastern United States from New England to Florida, and as far west as Illinois.
PurpleBeautyberryPurple Beauty Berry: Callicarpa dichotoma, or purple beauty berry, is also sometimes called Chinese Beautyberry because it is native to eastern and central China and Japan.
The purple beautyberry is a shrub that produces bright purple berries that remain even after the leaves have dropped for winter. The berries add bright color to the drab winter landscape, while also drawing hungry birds to the garden.
WinterBerryWinter Berry: Ilex verticillata, or winter berry, is a member of the holly family. The pretty bright red fruit of winterberry is eaten by small mammals and more than 48 species of birds. The persistent bright red fruit of this shrub make it very popular for landscaping.
ShrubFothergilla1Fothergilla: Fothergilla gardenii is an ornamental shrub native to the U.S. that produces white fragrant blooms in the spring, then brights up the fall landscape when its leaves turn brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red. The genus honors John Fothergill (1712-1780), a Quaker physician from Essex, United Kingdom, who introduced and promoted in England a number of plants native to the U. S.
HamelngrassHameln Grass: Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Hameln’, the common name is Hameln or fountain grass. Leaves are deep green in summer, changing to orange-bronze in fall and eventually to beige in late fall. Foliage usually remains attractive throughout the winter. Showy, silvery to pinkish-white, wheat-like flower spikes arch out looking like water spraying from a fountain.
A talented landscape designer can use plants to paint a beautiful picture. If you need help knowing what plants should be used, and where they would best suited to maximize your growing season, call MasterPLAN Landscape Design & Build today!

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