Our Fair Ladies: Perennials that Dance All Season

Posted March 12, 2015 in Blog, Landscape Design, Plant and Tree


Perennials are a colorful addition to the garden and give the landscape colorful interest throughout the season. Some perennials bloom short periods of time but redeem themselves by returning year after year through propagation or reseeding. To refute the naysayer on their bloom time, we’re listing a few in particular that reward the admirer with blooms most of the season. Try these in your garden.

Guara lindheimeri ‘Siskiyou Pink’-Wandflower(A)

This little dancer does a twirl in the wind all season long debuting in May with repeated encore show through October. And of course, not only does she attract our eye but also butterflies, hummingbirds and pollinators while deer and rabbit ignore her. Guara will spread 24 inches with a vertical reach of up to 3 feet. By mid summer it will need a grooming for a burst of re-bloom. Taproots run deep so propagating may be hazardous. We prefer to transplant self-sown seedlings in infant stage for better perennials-gardening-landscape designresults.

Veronica spicata ‘Goodness Grows’-Speedwell (B)

This darling is so easy to grow and acts as a nice groundcover blooming continuously from late spring to the first frost. Their upright blue plume reach 12” and does best in full sun and healthy, well drained soil and is best showing off along borders. This one is a reward showing off all season long.

 Scabious columbaria ‘Butterfly Blue’-Pincushion Flower(C)

This Scabious lives up to its name by attracting butterflies and hummingbirds into the garden. It remains a gardeners fortress by being deer and rabbit resistant which is probably why it was voted 2000 PPA ‘Plant of the Year’. Its ‘tried and true’ nature keeps it blooming all season long (April-October) with quarter size, dome shaped blooms. This fair lady needs deadheaded regularly. With that kind of performance, who wouldn’t mind giving a little up-keep while you’re outside cutting for a bouquet?

Nepeta x faassenii-Catmint (D)

A classic perennial in the garden because of its longevity bloom time will have all the neighbors talking about it. You can divide and share along with your sugar as it gives off a wonderful fragrance. It grows a nice 18-24 inches tall, perfect for indoor bouquets. Like Scabious columbaria, it is critter resistant but attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Its gray-green foliage is a nice backdrop to the sterile lavender-blue flowers. Trim back after blooming to promote a new flush of color.

If you’d like to add some perennials to your garden design, call us today so your garden can start dancing all season!



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