How Much Should an Outdoor Living Space Cost

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When it comes to creating a custom outdoor living space, the investment is dependent on the features you would like to include. The cost of a custom MasterPLAN outdoor living space can range from $75,000 to $500,000 and beyond but the final cost will vary greatly depending on several factors. These factors include the size of your space, the materials and finishes selected, the design features incorporated…etc. So it is essential to carefully consider your budget and priorities when planning an outdoor investment.

Researching and obtaining multiple quotes takes a ton of time and if you don’t have the right experience, or different companies are not providing apples-to-apples proposals, things could be missed and expensive mistakes could be made. This is why we recommend consulting with the right professionals from the very beginning so you can create a design that is perfect for your family, home, and lifestyle, understand the associated budget, and plan for the proper construction of the space without worry. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Create a clear visual of your new space 

Creating a custom outdoor living space is not just about having a beautiful backyard; it goes beyond that. It involves crafting the perfect layout with the right features, choosing the right furniture, adding the right lighting, and more. But oftentimes, contractors limit themselves to 2-4 simple designs they know can be built since they’ve done it often. So if you’re not careful you could end up investing a lot of money in a space that you never use. Or one that the entire neighborhood has.

Before proceeding with any construction for your new backyard, it is crucial to carefully evaluate your current and future requirements. This will allow you to make informed choices about your investment. What is the desired aesthetic? A fun-filled oasis for children? A tranquil sanctuary for relaxation? Or perhaps an enchanting patio with extra lighting for entertaining guests all night? Are you enticed by the elegance of brick pavers or the soothing presence of water features and sustainable plants? Before finalizing any decisions, ensure that your chosen partner can assist you in comprehending how each choice will impact your budget and align with your lifestyle goals.

3 Things to Consider When Planning Your New Outdoor Living Space→

  • Avoid hidden charges and revision fee 

By improving collaboration among team members during the development of a project, enhancing visual tools, and implementing a streamlined management process, the number of change orders on any given project can be significantly reduced. Unfortunately, there are many builders out there who lack the necessary resources and tools to provide clear design/building solutions for outdoor living spaces. As a result, homeowners often end up with spaces that don’t meet their unique needs, leading to costly change orders during or after construction is complete. At MasterPLAN, we strive to eliminate this headache by ensuring that our clients are completely satisfied with their decisions before construction even begins.

With our Love It or Revise It Assurance, you can have peace of mind when investing in your home. We are so confident in our design expertise and project management experience that we offer complimentary design revisions when it comes to your custom 3D design video so you are confident that your design and budget will align. This means that you can feel confident when selecting important details such as the layout, style, materials, and colors for your new patio or choosing the perfect stone veneer and mortar for a fireplace chase. Our custom 3D design allows you to see how all materials, colors, textures, and patterns come together as a comprehensive, cohesive vision before construction starts…no surprises!

Why Your Outdoor Living Space Should Start With a 3D Design→

  • Consider phasing your investment 

The technique of phased construction has gained popularity in recent years due to its numerous advantages. By breaking down large-scale projects into smaller, more manageable phases, this approach offers increased flexibility, improved cost control, and minimized disruption to busy families. Homeowners who have successfully implemented phased construction also report that it allows them to fully experience and understand the functionality of their new space and this helps them make adjustments to any future planned phases as needed. For example, as you spend more time in your outdoor area, you may discover a desire for a screened area or an outdoor kitchen. Having the opportunity to live with your space before committing to the entire build provides many benefits when partnering with the right professionals.

If you’re thinking about transforming your backyard, we understand that it may be a long-term project. Whether it takes a month, a year, or even ten years to complete, our phased approach can help bring your dream outdoor living space to life one step at a time. As your design/build partner, we ensure that you can fully enjoy your new outdoor area regardless of which phase the build is in or how long it takes to achieve your vision!

How to Phase Your Backyard Build Over Time→

Are you looking to build a new outdoor kitchen in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania to enjoy a summer of meals outside, remodel and renovate your existing pool in Allentown, Pennsylvania so your grandkids can enjoy it all summer, or build a custom outdoor living space that will create lasting memories? If so, then look no further. Because we understand the importance of getting value for your investment and want you to avoid having the hassle of coordinating with multiple crews or dealing with complicated plans, permits, or approvals. That’s why we are proud to partner with homeowners in the Lehigh Valley to help them avoid wasting time, money, and space when it comes to transforming their backyard into a custom outdoor living space.

Our award-winning design/build process ensures that all engineering, project management, contractor scheduling, inspections, permit applications, and other essential details for your new custom outdoor living space in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania are taken care of for you by experienced, reliable, & trustworthy professionals. You’ll never have to worry about communicating with your HOA or township either. So relax and watch your dream outdoor living space come alive as we handle all of the heavy lifting so that you can focus on planning how you will enjoy your new custom outdoor living space.

Here’s how you can get started today:

Call: Schedule your meeting!

Collaborate: Create your perfect plan!

Construction: With an approved design, construction starts!

Celebrate: Raise a toast to your transformed home and the new life that comes from it!


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If you’re considering a custom outdoor living space, we have the perfect resource for you. For a limited time, download an exclusive copy of  “Your Guide to Building a Custom Outdoor Living Space,” and rest easy knowing you’re making the right investment in your home. With this tool, you can stop worrying and start creating the custom outdoor living space of your dreams today!

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