How to Update the Patio Around your Pool

Posted May 20, 2021 in 3D Design, Blog, Design/Build, General

A swimming pool is a great investment for most homeowners, but if the area around your swimming pool is dated it could cause safety issues or just simply look out of place. Most times replacing your entire pool sounds expensive and you’re not sure if you can update the patio without disturbing your pool. However, with the right designer and experienced builder, you don’t need to tear out your existing pool to put a new face on your outdoor space.

Here are 3 tips for updating the area around your pool:

-Create an open concept with zones for cooking, dining, & lounging

A functional, open-concept, outdoor living area with clear zones for cooking, relaxing, and dining will make your new investment the heart of your home. But it takes skill, experience, and a clear vision to design a space that integrates easily.

A design-first approach to your backyard transformation lays the whole project out in one comprehensive master plan and our custom full-color 3D design allows you to see exactly what your new space will look like. Vivid life-like imagery will let you feel how you will use each zone, see how traffic will flow, and measure how your furniture will fit in your new space. This eliminates any surprises and makes sure you are comfortable with every decision about your new space.

-Build a roof structure

The Kurtz family always dreamed of a covered space by the pool.  They didn’t enjoy splitting their time between the sunshine and being indoors or huddling under umbrellas for shade when sitting beside their pool.

We helped them design a roof structure that feels like it was original to the home and not a piece plugged in afterward. The shingles of the new roof structure match the existing roof for a seamless connection. All of the beams, gable details, and posts were clad in authentic and rustic barn wood. This material gives the space tons of character being that you can see all the original nail holes, drilling from carpenter bees, and the planks even have original nail bits and staples remaining!

-Work with a builder who has experience working around existing pools

Most contractors don’t want to touch the concrete around existing pools. This is why it is important to work with a partner who can combine the design and build of your project to ensure its success.

Our design-first approach will help you to maximize your pool’s aesthetic appeal and provide lasting value to your outdoor living space.  No matter the size, shape, or setup of your pool, we can work around your existing swimming pool to upgrade your outdoor living space so it best serves your functional and aesthetic needs.

Planning a new outdoor living space should be an exciting experience, but we get that it is a significant investment. So you might feel overwhelmed thinking about all the important details that will complete your new outdoor living space. You are not alone!

At MasterPLAN, we have partnered with hundreds of homeowners- just like you- to help them make all the important decisions about their new outdoor living space. We have worked with customers ranging from areas in the Lehigh Valley, Poconos, and Main Line of Philadelphia. Our proven process has helped them design and build award-winning outdoor living spaces that maximize their home value, help families fall in love with their home all over again, and made their backyard a magnet to life’s most important moments!

Here’s how we do it:

Call –Schedule a design meeting!

Collaborate – Create your perfect plan!

Construction– With an approved design, construction starts!

Celebrate– Raise a toast in the backyard of your dreams!


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