Entryway Landscape Design Trends

Posted October 24, 2019 in Landscape Design, Patio and Walkway

Does your front entryway landscape design welcome guests and create interest and give a reflection of who you are? If you want to create an exciting path to the front door, we have come up with a unique list to offer a little design guidance! These ideas will get you started in creating the same hospitality outside that you show on the inside of your home.

A compelling entryway landscape design sets an inspiring tone that says whoever lives here has style, finesse, and loves their home. A landscape should reflect the individuals that reside in the home and instantly welcome guests into the space. Landscaping immediately near a home’s egress can elicit subconscious emotion, create a relaxing invitation to linger, invoking intrigue, and admiration along the main pathways. Fascinating eye-catching textures, a colorful mixture of leaves and blooms along with sculptures and structures draw you along the journey to take a peak and appreciate.

Flow in the Entryway Landscape Design Approach

To create a beautiful and unique entryway design, we select plants and objects with complementing attributes that will infuse personal touches reflecting the homeowner and cohesive elements of the home’s style and its materials. This is one of the main reasons that the team at MasterPLAN aims to create friendships with our clients, the better we know you, the more in tune we all can be during this process!

Oftentimes, the passageway from the driveway to the entrance of a home is a quick trip, so it is key to make it worthwhile! We can take this opportunity to extend or widen the pathway for a more comfortable procession and incorporate fragrant and colorful plantings to soften the approach.  This inviting entrance is sure to create an initial positive experience!

Plant Combinations and Placement

Unique, colorful, fragrant plantings in all shapes, sizes, and textures at the front of the home adds a unique appeal to engage the observer. Keep in mind that the more plantings in a space run the danger of being overcrowded and messy looking once the plants grow to their potential.  It is best to chat with your landscape designer about proper landscape design and maintenance plan so your beds always look beautiful and well-manicured!

Don’t be afraid to request variety; using beautiful vertical plantings not only fit smaller spaces but create depth and other upright plant materials such as irises, red-hot pokers, ornamental grasses, and sky pencil hollies add a complementing perpendicular mix.

If you’re a wildlife lover, consider adding plant materials that produce colorful berries when the landscape seems barren and blanketed with snow. These bright punches provide winter interest that brings animated wildlife in for your viewing pleasure. Likewise, berries develop that curbside appeal to the entryway landscape design and sheds some light when the days are short and the temperatures are low.

Design Objects Create Interest

Your landscape designer will be able to help customize your entryways with personal touches to create focal points. Strategically placed, these features will aesthetically guide your company to your front door. Consider arbors, smaller sculptures or ornamental trees as a well thought out finishing touch to the home’s entrance.

If you’re looking for something a little different and love the idea of an entry that touches upon the senses, a water feature with a slow trickle is a welcome and delightful surprise. A small hand-carved stone fountain with a base of smooth black polished pebbles takes up little space but could provide a wow factor to your front entrance walkway.  For the more whimsical home, colorful yet tasteful blown glass pieces replicating a Chihuly display may be more to your liking.  The possibilities are endless!

Often in our travels, we find objects that invoke another time and place and want to bring a piece of the experience back with us. Use these objects in the garden to remind you of time well spent!

For an eclectic flair, adding unique container gardens can add a smile not only to the homeowners but to the garden observer! Attractively arranged in groupings or as a single focal point, they are guaranteed to be a conversation starter and enhance any space.

Entryway Landscape Structures

For those with ample entry space that love the comforts of home at every turn, perhaps incorporating structures, such as uniquely crafted arbors with seating areas amongst the vines, fits the bill. If seating space is at a premium, merge it with the plant material and along the walkway path to the front entry What welcomes guests and family more than seating and pillows and the smell of fragrance under their feet?

Add a backdrop to an otherwise open area with a code-compliant yet aesthetic picket fence. While you may not be in Kansas and this isn’t the path to the yellow brick road, you can still have that cottage look with swaths of colorful bloomers contrasting alongside the fence rails beckoning passersby to slow down and smell the flowers!

Add structure with a formal look by adding plant material in solid rows, forming a hedge to the front entryway. Boxwoods, yews, and arborvitae make an excellent choice for this approach.

A patterned layout of pavers coincides nicely and adds depth to the foundation plantings. Your landscape designer will be able to guide you in the selection of pavers that fit your home’s style and color perfectly.

Light Your Entryway Landscape Design

No front entry is complete without the use of low voltage LED landscape and feature lighting! Incorporating path lights along all walkways make it easier to travel between the driveway and the front entry and offers guests and family members added security. The soft lighting evokes a subtle ambiance before entering the home and gives off a romantic mood, setting the scene for the evening.  The best part about outdoor LED lighting?  You can set it on a timer so the lights are dusk to dawn, automatically.  All the beauty without continuous effort!

Your Go-To Pro

If you are transitioning into a new home or are looking to reimagine your spaces to reflect your personal style, MasterPLAN Outdoor Living would love to be the professional team you turn to.  Working with our design staff for a custom full-color 3D model of your proposed project combined with our Love your Design Guarantee will ensure that you fall in love with your home all over again!  From concept to construction, we partner with our clients and experience the journey together.  For those in the Poconos, the Lehigh Valley through the Main Line of Philadelphia and western New Jersey, we are ready to help you uncover the true potential of your property.  When you are ready to live your best life outdoors, reach out to MasterPLAN!





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