The Evolution of MasterPLAN: A candid conversation with Founder Joshua Gillow

Posted December 7, 2017 in Blog, General, Landscape Design

“If you are not moving forward, then you are falling behind.”  These words should resonate with each one of us, both in our personal and professional lives.  This quote especially rings true here in the office of MasterPLAN.  Since the inception of this company in 2012, Josh Gillow has made it his personal mission to serve his clients in the best way he could, not only with respect, warmth and a smile, but with his professional expertise, knowledge and drive to make each client’s life better in some way.

For those who have had the pleasure of a MasterPLAN experience, whether from a more modest or grand-scale outdoor living project, can attest to the attention to detail and personal touch MasterPLAN puts on each of its projects.  This devotion to our clients is what has made MasterPLAN what it is today, but with any notable business, there is always room for growth and maturation.

MasterPLAN Landscape Design has organically, yet instinctively, answered their own professional call of evolution.  While remaining the same communicative and devoted company you know and love, you can see from the photo of our new logo that we are now known as MasterPLAN Outdoor Living.  When asked about the reason for the name change, Josh had this to say,

“There has always been a little confusion or gray area when it comes to the term ‘landscape design’.  I want to convey to the world that we are not your standard landscaper that solely plants bushes or trims perennials, but a firm that specializes and thrives in the area between landscape and architecture.  The term ‘outdoor living’ truly embraces the essence of what we do.  Being able to draw people outside to embrace nature is our main goal, and creating these outdoor living spaces for our clients to make memories with family and friends is a gift all in itself; this is our greatest reward.”

Along with the name change, you will notice that the logo has grown up as well.  The original MasterPLAN logo was created with a very natural fluidity, which represented the company’s approach to design at that time.  MasterPLAN has since embraced their role in providing structural solutions for clients and has made a comfortable home outside of the box.

“This new logo embodies the heart of MasterPLAN.  The structural M is fortified in strength and the green square on the outside represents the holistic, organic nature of outdoor living.  While this new logo and brand direction means a lot to us, our hope is that this will more clearly translate our purpose to our future clients, emanating that this is truly what we love to do.”

Armed with concise direction and extremely talented specialists, MasterPLAN is eager to push the edge of design to limits not expected.  Our conscientious conversations with our clients inspire our imagination and working together with our structural engineers, we are able to create one-of-a-kind outdoor living spaces.  These unforgettable spaces seamlessly tie into the architecture of the home and give the new outdoor living spaces life and a sense of energy.

When asking Josh about his vision for this new chapter of MasterPLAN, he energetically responded,

“My goal is to always best serve our clients.  I like to think of our designs as timeless, not trendy, and through design study we can make more efficient use of space to provide even better indoor to outdoor transitions.  This positive impact on a client’s home and their lives is what will differentiate MasterPLAN within the marketplace.  Though we have given our brand a modernization, our attention to detail, strong communications and our commitment to positive experiences will remain the foundation of MasterPLAN.”

It is our mission to wipe away the stigma that comes along with home renovation.  Providing unbiased options to our clients, weighing out the pros and cons of each selection and discovering the best investment solutions a homeowner can make for their property, family and lifestyle is the MasterPLAN way.  We are excited for this new chapter in the life of MasterPLAN and we hope you are too.  Together, we can all live our best lives, outdoors!

  • Keep your eyes peeled for a new MasterPLAN website in the beginning of 2018!


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