The Many Benefits of the Love Your Design Guarantee

Posted July 2, 2020 in 3D Design, Blog

Hiring the right partner to transform your backyard can be stressful, and no one enjoys hidden fees when it comes to a construction project! This is why it is important to understand how your designer bills for design consultations, revisions, and meetings. Do they charge per project, design option, meeting, hourly? Do they offer any type of guarantee?

At MasterPLAN, we know that you want a trusted and supportive partner that will help you visualize all of the possibilities without hidden fees, frustration, or stress. This is why we offer all of our clients our Love your Design Guarantee. Joshua Gillow, Founder & President at MasterPLAN explains more:

  • Why does MasterPLAN offer a Love your Design Guarantee?

As a homeowner, figuring out what you want early in the design process can be daunting. We never want our homeowners to feel like they need to have everything figured out when they contact us to start talking about a design for their space.

We view the design process as a journey and we know that it should not be rushed! This is where we find the best solutions together, even if it takes a few revisions to get it just right!

We don’t want our clients to live with ANY regret when they sit back and view their completed backyard transformation. Taking the time to plan in the design phase ensures a successful and beautiful outdoor living space to be enjoyed long term.

  • How long does it typically take to receive my initial design?

Honestly, it depends on the time of year. Those who begin their backyard design during the fall or winter may see a quicker turn around because our schedule isn’t as insane as the height of the summer. However, we can say on average, a well-thought-out and carefully crafted design will take approximately 3-4 weeks.

Now, this isn’t just for the design itself; there is a lot involved in getting the design just right!

Once you commit to MasterPLAN for a custom outdoor living design, we will take measurements of your property and start your property research. The research includes but is not limited to, zoning district setback information, document collection from the township, reaching out to HOAs, etc. We want to make sure that we do our due diligence making sure we are able to build the design we create for you and your property!

  • How is my design presented?

When your preliminary design is ready for review, we send it over to you via email so you can conveniently see your backyard when it is ready, as opposed to waiting several days to coordinate an in-person meeting.

This email will contain a virtual fly-through of your completed design and a ton of screenshots from all angles, including day and night time shots! Once you gather your thoughts, we will talk about the design to get it just right!

  • What happens if I don’t love my initial design?

This is where the beauty of the Love Your Design Guarantee shines! Most landscape architects or builders look forward to revisions because this is where their money is made. However, when you commit to MasterPLAN, we fully commit to you!

We will revise your custom design with no additional cost until we get every detail just right. Our Love Your Design Guarantee will ensure you absolutely love your new outdoor living space before construction begins!

  • Does my MasterPLAN design ever expire?

Absolutely not! Sometimes life gets in the way and a once top-priority outdoor living space is moved to the back burner. We have had clients revisit their projects after months or sometimes years, but we are able to pick up right where we left off!

We are here to create a strategy that will not only save our clients from frustration and a loss of space but will also save time and money! A master plan is a carefully crafted roadmap to ensure we make the right decisions at the right time.

  • How does my MasterPLAN design help expedite project approvals?

Full-color 3D designs and images are the perfect supplement to help gain expedited approvals from authorities like HOAs!

Being able to show a Board the proposed project in 3D eliminates the guesswork of traditional paper or 2D plans. With a 3D design, everyone is envisioning the same project, leading to quicker and cleaner approvals!

  • What happens after I Love my MasterPLAN Design?

After you fall in love and approve your design and associated budget study, we will take the next steps to finalize your project’s pricing, select materials, apply for permits…etc.

We want to make sure we spend the proper amount of time getting your design just right, and when it is, we put on our installation hats and go full-steam ahead to install your dream outdoor living space in an efficient and tight timeframe!

Planning a new backyard is a very exciting process, but we get how overwhelming it can be and you might be worried that you will not be happy with your designers’ vision. You are not alone!

At MasterPLAN if you’re not happy, we are not happy. This is precisely why we have offered our Love your Design Guarantee to hundreds of homeowners just like you! We helped them design and build an outdoor living space that maximizes their home value, helped them fall in love with their home all over again, and made their backyard a magnet to life’s most important moments!

Here’s how to start the process:

Call –Schedule a design meeting!

Collaborate – Create your perfect plan!

Construction– With an approved design, construction starts!

Celebrate– Raise a toast in the backyard of your dreams!

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In the meantime, sign up for more Design Tips and Tricks so you can avoid wasting time, money, and space by designing your new outdoor living space before we do all the heavy lifting to complete your build!

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