Top 3 Ways to Add Planters to your Outdoor Spaces

Posted January 21, 2016 in Blog, Landscape Design, Plant and Tree

It’s official, we have finally had our first mini-blast of snow for the season.  El Niño has loosened its grasp for a few days and let the powder fall, with more on the way.  I guess it is nice to have a little reminder that we actually are in winter, despite the weather we have been experiencing up until now.  Since the ground is going to be turning white soon, there isn’t much we can do in our backyards.  Planning spring projects during the winter season lets us hit the ground running when the time comes.  One easy project you might want to start thinking about is sprucing up your property with planters!  We have come up with our top 3 ways to add planters to your outdoor spaces this season.

Container Gardens

If you don’t want to commit to planting a large garden in your backyard, you can always grow your edibles in planters.  This is a convenient option for those who don’t want to spend the sweat or energy digging up raised beds.  When using planters, you can grow food almost anywhere…on balconies, fire escaped, on the roof…you name it and you can grow it there!  Strategically setting up several planters on your back patio or on your side deck is perfect to help offset your monthly bill at the grocery store.  Strawberries, zucchini, squash, lettuce, tomatoes and peppers are just a few plants that thrive in container gardens and are perfect for your summer feasts!  You will find that there are many herbs you can plant that don’t need much maintenance but will thoroughly prosper.  Set up a little planter garden by your kitchen door and grow herbs like basil and mint, which are perfect for summer drinks as well.  Save the strain on your back and work smarter, not harder.

Visual Interest and Dimension

Maybe you have a section of the patio where you just don’t know what to do.  Place several different size planters in this spot and plant your favorite colorful flowers.  The planters will provide a much welcomed pop of color to the patio and give the hardscape some dimension.  You can use this same concept for the front of your home as well.  Planters create amazing curb appeal!  If you want, you can mix and match the planters every so often to keep everything looking new and fresh.  Planters give you all the creative freedom you need.  What about when the weather turns cold?  Transform your planters with birch and spruce branches, berries and lights to spread the holiday cheer!

Aesthetic Privacy

While in our day to day, we are mostly social creatures, but we still have an innate need for privacy.  The daily hustle and bustle can be draining, and there is nothing like coming home to a nice, quiet, private patio area to relax.  If you prefer to not build tall fences to block out the road or the neighbors, you could always utilize large planters to add privacy to your outdoor space.  These planters can be filled with tall plantings such as Karl Foerster grass or bamboo that will act as a nuisance barrier!  You can capitalize on the privacy of these plantings without having to worry about the invasive characteristics of certain species!

There you have it, the top 3 ways to utilize planters in your outdoor space.  There is no end to what you can do with your planters outdoors in the warm season; be creative!  MasterPLAN Landscape Design specializes in creating beautiful, low-maintenance outdoor living spaces that give you an enjoyable place to rest, relax and spend quality time with your friends and family.  If you think you could benefit from some help to re-imagine your outdoor living spaces, reach out to MasterPLAN!


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