Top Things You Need to Know About Outdoor Living Warranties

Posted October 14, 2021 in 3D Design, Blog, Decks, Design/Build, General

Warranties are something that most homeowners consider when planning any home renovation or purchasing new appliances. This should also be a top priority when planning your new outdoor living space. You will want to make sure you are working with reputable manufacturers, receive warranties with every purchase, understand what is covered, and make sure everything is transferable should you ever choose to sell your home. But, at the end of the day who is responsible long-term…, your contractor, or manufacturers?

A work warranty from a deck or patio contractor typically only lasts a few years. This means you could be on your own when it comes to managing repairs, maintenance, and warranties. We don’t think this is fair!

With a MasterPLAN outdoor living space, we never want you to worry. This is why we seek out the best manufacturer warranties, guarantee proper installation, and promise to be your friend for life! Here are just a few of the guarantees you get when you partner with MasterPLAN:

  • Guarantee your partner has the ‘big picture’ in mind

If you don’t step back and look at your backyard as a whole, and see how your plan will connect with your home, you could end up with a new deck, patio, or pool that looks and feels out of place.







Thinking about the big picture and creating a big picture strategy when planning your new outdoor living space is essential to creating a new outdoor living space that is comfortable and functional. This is why we always begin with the big picture in mind.


We present you with a custom 3D Design that showcases vivid, lifelike imagery – in full color – so you can feel like you’re cooking in your new outdoor kitchen, entertaining on your new patio, or enjoying a glass of wine by your new fire pit before you commit to any decisions! This proven process eliminates surprises and disappointments during your build!


Tour this custom outdoor living space in Allentown, Pennsylvania →

  • Guarantee there are no hidden charges and fees

Many homeowners are worried that working with a designer will accumulate unnecessary fees, hidden design charges, and multiple change orders. But that’s not true! Working with a designer before you begin your build will save you time, money, and space.

We know that figuring out what you want early in the design process can be daunting. This is why we offer all of our clients our Love your Design Guarantee. This design-first approach lays out your whole project in one big picture and allows you to make unlimited revisions until you completely fall in love with your new space.

How to avoid change orders when building an outdoor living space →

  • Guarantee you have a friend & partner for life 

How do you select reputable manufacturers and vendors that offer the best warranties for your investment? What happens if there is an appliance malfunction or something needs to be repaired? Do you have the warranty handy? Do you even know who to call? If your deck, patio, or pool contractor goes out of business you could waste valuable time trying to track down contact information for vendors and trying to negotiate repairs. This is not fair!

When you invest in an outdoor living space, we believe that you deserve a partner for life! This is why we offer our Friend for Life Guarantee. We promise to be with you every step of the way whether you need to expand your space, repair a feature, maintain your new space annually, or just want to say “Hello!” – When you partner with MasterPLAN Outdoor Living, be prepared for a life-long friendship!

Designing and building a new outdoor living space should be an exciting experience, but we get that you don’t want to work with a contractor that will waste your money and you don’t want to get stuck wasting your valuable time managing multiple crews, contracts, permit applications, and other important details.  You are not alone!

At MasterPLAN, we have partnered with hundreds of homeowners – just like you – to eliminate the stress and hassle when transforming your backyard into an outdoor living space in the Lehigh Valley.  We make your unique journey stress-free by using our award-winning design/build process to handle all communication with your HOA and township, develop your plans, obtain your building permits, manage any and all engineering, schedule your inspections and so much more!

Here’s how to do it:

Call: Schedule your meeting!

Collaborate: Create your perfect plan!

Construction: With an approved design, construction starts!

Celebrate: Raise a toast to your transformed home and the new life that comes from it!


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In the meantime, download your exclusive copy of the Top 5 Design Secrets your Contractor Doesn’t Know. So you can stop fearing that you will make the wrong decisions about your new outdoor living space and instead be confident when selecting the right firm to help transform your backyard into the outdoor living space you always dreamed of!





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