Construction project? Traits you will learn about yourself during the process.

Posted December 29, 2016 in Blog, Landscape Design

Whether you have decided to remodel your basement, main bathroom or commit to your dream backyard transformation, any construction project seems like a big undertaking.  Not only are you changing your property, but you will realize a change within yourself!  It’s not every day that a stranger shows up at your door with a hammer and safety glasses, eager to tear up what you have worked so hard to build up.  While the construction process gets started, you will learn a lot about yourself, traits you may not have known you possessed!


No matter what kind of project you decided to get underway, it is not uncommon for your patience to be tested.  Now, this is not to say that every project is going to have you reaching for the Tylenol, but even if you are the coolest cucumber in the bunch, no one likes disruption.  There are unforeseen forces at work that are out of sight, out of mind.  During some construction projects, issues are not found until the work gets under way…maybe there was rotted wood found where the deck was going to tie into the house, or the weather patterns have shifted and delayed the installation.  You are sure to find out how much patience you actually possess. Always keep in mind that projects always look the worst before they look the best, so take a deep breath and have faith in the professionals you selected.

Adjustment and Ambition

At the beginning of a project, there is a level of adaptability that will need to happen.  Kitchen remodel?  Toaster ovens, crock pots and the outdoor grill are there to save the day.  Bathroom remodel?  Hopefully you have a kind neighbor or belong to a gym with a shower room.  Backyard transformation?  Relocate the dog fence to the side or front yard, so your furry friends don’t feel anxiety.  While this is an adjustment period, it will not be forever!  You will be surprised how quickly you adapt to your current construction situation, and in turn, you might end up with the building bug yourself!

It is human nature to want to know “why”, so if you have questions about certain aspects of your project, don’t be afraid to ask!  Sometimes the quick little questions about your project turn into more in depth inquiries, and you find yourself wanting to know more about the whole process of renovation…and that’s ok!  Watching an aspect of your home change is certainly an exciting experience; you may find your point of view changing from wanting the process over as fast as possible, to not wanting it to end.  You may want to ride this new wave of excitement and ambition, and add on more to the original scope of work so more is accomplished while your house is already undergoing transformation.


A couple that can get through a construction project together has a high likelihood of sticking together!  If the space being transformed is a space that is shared with a loved one, spouse or children, chances are your stresses are theirs as well…which can make a situation a little thick.  If things get a little hairy, rely on the 3 C’s…. compassion, communication and compromise.  A family is stronger together than standing alone, so muster up your strength and you can get through anything!  There is light at the end of the construction tunnel, and you will realize that the process and the ability to stick together will yield a new beautiful space for everyone to enjoy, together.

Renovations and transformations can be viewed as a personal pilgrimage, chock full of self-discoveries and revelations.  However, the only certain way to tell how you will handle a construction project is to go through one yourself.  Do your due diligence and be sure to research all options when it comes to trade professionals; no two are alike!

The mixed bag of feelings homeowners usually have during construction motivated MasterPLAN Landscape Design to change the way people experience the backyard transformation process.  We believe that our client’s needs come first and we work diligently to make sure there are smiles on our clients’ faces every day.  To make this happen, we have developed our exclusive system, 8 Steps to the Perfect Backyard.

We believe that this 8 step approach to landscape design and construction, partnered with our burning desire for excellence culminates in an exceptional finished project and a memorable client experience.  Our clients never feel left out or have a question that goes unanswered!  MasterPLAN provides an open and honest communication with our clients, and by doing so, we can create a gathering place that our clients value and a trustworthy experience that they can embrace.  So, if you have trepidation about starting your very own backyard transformation, you can rest assured that MasterPLAN Landscape Design has your back.  Reach out to MasterPLAN to open up a conversation about the full potential for your property.  MasterPLAN is revolutionizing the way America experiences their outdoor living experiences, one backyard at a time.  Fall in love with the MasterPLAN difference!

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