10 Tips for Spring Garden Prep

Posted March 19, 2015 in Blog, General, Landscape Maintenance, Plant and Tree, Water Feature

With the official day of spring hovering a day away, (March 20, 2015) its time to start talking about the spring garden chores. Nothing is better than getting some fresh air to invigorate and get a little dirt under your nails. You know what they say; gardeners never get depressed because they get lots of Vitamin D from being outside! The birds start singing and we know spring is here when the snowdrops and daffodils start peeping up out of the ground. To keep you active, motivated and to help spring along, here are some ideas to crank you into motion.

1. Top dress with compost 1-2 inches, then mulch with a layer of 2-3 inches to keep in sync with the International Year of Soil 2015 (#IYS) emphasizing ‘Love Your Soil’. Buy in bulk and save!spring-garden-landscape-maintenance

2. Clean out pumps and filters in water features removing all the leaves and debris. Aerate the water. Eradicate algae growth.

3. Start dahlia and caladium tubers inside with well-drained potting soil. Set out after last frost date coordinating with colors in the annual and perennial beds.

4. Feed spring bulbs when leaves emerge through the ground with compost or organic bulb fertilizer.

5. Make note of areas that need annual color or groundcovers. Set out annuals after last frost date (May 1).

6. Force branches of flowers trees and shrubs.

7. Apply lawn fertilizer and broadleaf pre-emergent according to proper packaged directions on the label.

8. Pull, dig and destroy perennial weeds. Walk through the garden once a week with a bucket to oversee consistently.

9. Secure safety equipment while gardening (ear and eye protection, steel–toe, treaded boots, proper gloves for jobs performed.)

10. Clean out birdhouses and add birdbaths.

These are just a few of the chores spring holds awaiting your arrival to the great outdoors. If you need motivation in getting an area of your garden ready for spring, MasterPLAN can give you design ideas. Call us today at 610.628.2480.

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