Design Tips you need for your Outdoor Grill Space

Posted October 29, 2020 in 3D Design, Blog, Decks, General, Landscape Design, Outdoor Kitchen, Patio and Walkway, Videos

Whether it’s a family reunion or romantic dinner for two, there is nothing better than the smell of food on the grill and enjoying a meal on your deck or patio. But with so many different types of outdoor grill options, many homeowners find it difficult to visualize exactly how each option will look and feel in their backyard. This is why a custom 3D design is an essential tool that can help you plan and envision an outdoor grilling space that is customized to fit all your needs.

Here are a few design tips to consider when planning your outdoor grilling space:

  • Don’t forget space for preparation and storage for your outdoor grill

Nothing is worse than a kitchen with zero space allocated for preparation and storage. But if you can’t visualize exactly what your space will look like, you could have trouble determining exactly how much space you will need.

For this outdoor kitchen in Royersford, Pennsylvania, we helped this homeowner see exactly how her outdoor kitchen could look through a custom 3D design video. After previewing her initial 3D design video, she realized that she wanted something much lighter. Working with her MasterPLAN designer, helped her visualize a custom floating grill that perfectly complements her dining and lounging space.

Tour this custom floating grill in Royersford, Pennsylvania → 

  • Plan ventilation for your outdoor grill space

Ventilation does more than just keep smoke and odor away from you and your guests. It also aids in preventing harmful fumes that could cause a fire and grease that could stain your outdoor kitchen surfaces. Safely designing ventilation for your outdoor grill space requires experience and knowledge of various township requirements.

At MasterPLAN, we understand your local municipality’s requirements and can help you navigate all the zoning requirements for your new outdoor kitchen-including ventilation! Your custom 3D design will show officials exactly what your new outdoor kitchen will look like and let them see how the ventilation is designed. This will streamline your project approvals and take all the hassle out of getting your project ready for construction!

More about obtaining your project approvals in the Lehigh Valley → 

  • Consider the proximity to your home when locating your outdoor grill

Dedicated grill masters like to use their outdoor kitchen even when the temperatures drop! This is why it is important to carefully consider how close you will want the grill to your home. Too close and you could run into fire hazards. Too far and you could be trekking through snow and rain to grill your favorite dinner.

When the Bartkavage Family was planning their backyard transformation, their custom 3D design allowed them to visualize exactly how they would access their grill during all seasons. This helped them design a convenient grill location that was on the same level as the first floor of their home, creating a seamless transition! Now they can enjoy their outdoor living space all year long!

Tour this outdoor grill design in Orefield, Pennsylvania → 

Planning your outdoor grill in the Poconos, Lehigh Valley, Main Line Philadelphia or western New Jersey should be a very exciting experience. But, we get that an outdoor grill is a significant investment, and you might feel overwhelmed when selecting the right grill design for your space. You are not alone!

At MasterPLAN, we have partnered with hundreds of homeowners– just like you- to envision more than just a spot to grill in their backyard. We helped them design and build an outdoor living space complete with outdoor entertainment systems that maximize the value and use of their space! This helped these homeowners fall in love with their home all over again and made their backyard a magnet to life’s most important moments!

Here’s how to start your backyard transformation:

CallSchedule a design meeting

Collaborate – We will collaborate to design your perfect backyard and then MasterPLAN will do all the heavy lifting to complete your build

Construction– Once you approve your design, construction will commence

Celebrate- Raise a toast to your transformed home and the new life that will come from it!

With these four easy steps, you will transform your backyard into an outdoor living space that maximizes your property value, allows you to experience an uncommon pride in homeownership, and makes your backyard a magnet to life’s important moments!


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