Should you have a bar in your new outdoor living space?

Posted April 14, 2021 in 3D Design, Design/Build, Landscape Design, Outdoor Kitchen

Ice-cold drinks are a staple at any outdoor gathering! That being said, if you have been considering a new outdoor living space you might want to think about building an outdoor bar area. Building an outdoor bar could be the main focal point and statement piece in your new outdoor living space. But here are a few things you should consider before building an outdoor bar:

  • Make sure to visualize your outdoor bar before you start your build

Most patio or deck contractors are not worried about building an outdoor bar that is practical, functional, timeless, fits the architecture of your home, and built to last. This could leave you with an outdoor living investment that doesn’t add value to your home and costs you time and money to repair.  But you don’t need to feel frustrated with a patio or deck contractor in the Lehigh Valley!

At MasterPLAN, we know visualization is the first crucial step when building an outdoor living space. We think you deserve to see exactly how your new outdoor living space will look. The construction process should not be frustrating on any home improvement. This is why we combine both the design and construction process to eliminate any stress and hassle!

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  • Decide whether you want a WET or DRY outdoor bar 

A typical wet bar includes a sink with hot and cold water, beverage and glassware storage, an ice machine, a freezer, a refrigerator, and maybe even a dishwasher! The amenities that you can add to an outdoor bar are endless, but if you don’t properly plan your outdoor plumbing you could end up wasting money digging a water line post-construction.

We know that you want to love your backyard, and we think you deserve a partner who is going to help you design and build a functional space that optimizes the return on your investment. This is why every MasterPLAN project begins with a custom full-color 3D design. This design-first approach will ensure that your new features fit and flow properly with the outdoor living space as a whole. We guarantee that your space will be designed efficiently, fit your lifestyle and fully complement your home all before construction begins!

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  • Carefully consider the materials for your new outdoor bar

Most outdoor contractors can deliver a basic wooden outdoor bar. However, your new outdoor wooden bar area will likely require a lot of maintenance and can stick out like a sore thumb. This will leave you with an investment that will require you to waste valuable time maintaining, or that you don’t fully love.

We know that the key difference between a project’s success and failure is often boiled down to two factors: a comprehensive and super-detailed, high-quality construction.. At MasterPLAN, we combine our architectural expertise and construction knowledge to articulate the pros and cons of each decision so you can make educated choices for your family and home. We never want you to guess when selecting materials! This is why we will help you select durable, reliable, and versatile materials that will stand the test of time, provide years of worry-free enjoyment, and fit your desired maintenance commitment.

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